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CELLAR, noun. An enclosed underground space, often under a building; used for storage or shelter.
CELLAR, noun. A wine collection, especially when stored in a cellar.
CELLAR, noun. (slang) Last place in a competition.
CELLAR, noun. (historical) A small dish for holding salt.
CELLAR, verb. (transitive) To store in a cellar.
CELLAR, noun. Salt cellar
CELLAR DOOR, noun. A door leading to a cellar.
CELLAR DOOR, noun. Part of a winery from which wine may be sampled or purchased.
CELLAR DOORS, noun. Plural of cellar door
CELLAR DWELLER, noun. (US) (Canada) (Australia) (sports) A team at the bottom of a league, or in a lower league.

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CELLAR, noun. The lowermost portion of a structure partly or wholly below ground level; often used for storage.
CELLAR, noun. An excavation where root vegetables are stored.
CELLAR, noun. Storage space where wines are stored.

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