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SPROUT, noun. A new growth on a plant, whether from seed or other parts.
SPROUT, noun. A child.
SPROUT, noun. A Brussels sprout.
SPROUT, noun. An edible germinated seed.
SPROUT, verb. (gardening) To grow from seed; to germinate.
SPROUT, verb. To cause to grow from a seed.
SPROUT, verb. To deprive of sprouts.
SPROUT, verb. To emerge from the ground as sprouts

Dictionary definition

SPROUT, noun. Any new growth of a plant such as a new branch or a bud.
SPROUT, noun. A newly grown bud (especially from a germinating seed).
SPROUT, verb. Produce buds, branches, or germinate; "the potatoes sprouted".
SPROUT, verb. Put forth and grow sprouts or shoots; "the plant sprouted early this year".

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