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PEA, noun. A plant, member of the legume (Fabaceae) family
PEA, noun. The edible seed of some of these plants
PEA, noun. (baseball) A ball travelling at high velocity
PEA, noun. (nautical) Alternative form of peak
PEA, noun. (biochemistry) Initialism of palmitoylethanolamide.
PEA, noun. (pathology) Initialism of pulseless electrical activity of the heart.
PEA, proper noun. (linguistics) Proto-Eastern Algonquian, the proto-language of the Eastern Algonquian languages.
PEA BEAN, noun. A very small and highly esteemed variety of the edible white bean.
PEA BRAIN, noun. Alternative form of peabrain
PEA BRAIN, adjective. Alternative form of peabrain
PEA BRAINS, noun. Plural of pea brain
PEA BUTTER, noun. A culinary spread, a thick paste made from brown peas that is a substitute for peanut butter
PEA BUTTER, noun. A pea extract that composes 5% of peas by weight, that is lighter than pea solids but heavier than pea liquids when pureed peas are centrifuged, which contains the majority of pea flavour compounds
PEA BUTTERS, noun. Plural of pea butter
PEA COAT, noun. (nautical) A coat of heavy, navy-coloured wool, originally worn by sailors of European navies.
PEA COATS, noun. Plural of pea coat
PEA CRAB, noun. A crab of the genus Pinnotheres.
PEA CRABS, noun. Plural of pea crab
PEA GREEN, noun. A yellowish green colour, like that of pea.
PEA GREEN, adjective. Of a yellowish green colour, like that of pea.
PEA JACKET, noun. Pea coat
PEA JACKETS, noun. Plural of pea jacket
PEA ORE, noun. Argillaceous oxide of iron, occurring in round grains the size of peas; pisolitic ore
PEA PATCH, noun. A small piece of land planted with peas.
PEA PATCH, noun. (pejorative) A small farm.
PEA PATCH, noun. (idiomatic) A baseball field.
PEA PATCH, noun. (idiomatic) A realm of endeavor.
PEA POD, noun. The pod of the pea plant, that holds the seeds (the peas) until they ripen
PEA POD, noun. (informal) The pod and its contents as a vegetable; the mangetout
PEA PODS, noun. Plural of pea pod
PEA SOUP, noun. (culinary) A thick soup made with dried split peas and various other ingredients.

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PEA, noun. Seed of a pea plant used for food.
PEA, noun. The fruit or seed of a pea plant.
PEA, noun. A leguminous plant of the genus Pisum with small white flowers and long green pods containing edible green seeds.

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