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CANNED, adjective. Preserved in cans.
CANNED, adjective. (slang) Drunk.
CANNED, adjective. Previously prepared; not fresh or new; standardized, mass produced, or lacking originality or customization.
CANNED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of can
CANNED HEAT, noun. Fuel made from denatured and jellied alcohol and contained in a cannister with a removable top, designed to be burned directly from that cannister.
CANNED LAUGHTER, noun. Previously-recorded laughter that is edited into the soundtrack of a TV programme
CANNED RESPONSE, noun. A predetermined response to a common question, frequently used in text based environments.
CANNED RESPONSES, noun. Plural of canned response

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CANNED, adjective. Recorded for broadcast; "a transcribed announcement"; "canned laughter".
CANNED, adjective. Sealed in a can or jar.

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