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HASH, noun. Food, especially meat and potatoes, chopped and mixed together.
HASH, noun. A confused mess.
HASH, noun. The # symbol (octothorpe, pound).
HASH, noun. (computing) The result generated by a hash function.
HASH, noun. A new mixture of old material; a second preparation or exhibition; a rehashing.
HASH, noun. A hash run; a sort of paperchase organised by the Hash House Harriers.
HASH, adjective. Hashed, chopped into small pieces
HASH, verb. (transitive) To chop into small pieces, to make into a hash.
HASH, verb. To make a quick, rough version
HASH, verb. (computing) (transitive) To transform according to a hash function.
HASH, noun. Hashish, a drug derived from the cannabis plant.
HASH BROWN, noun. A single piece of a quantity of finely-chopped, fried potatoes; singular of hash browns
HASH BROWN, noun. A fried patty made from finely-diced bits of potato.
HASH BROWNIE, noun. A brownie laced with hashish and eaten for its psychoactive effects.
HASH BROWNIES, noun. Plural of hash brownie
HASH BROWNS, noun. (usually uncountable) Potatoes that have been finely chopped (i.e. hashed) and fried until browned.
HASH BROWNS, noun. Plural of hash brown
HASH CODE, noun. (computing) The code or value generated by a hash function to represent some piece of data.
HASH CODES, noun. Plural of hash code
HASH COLLISION, noun. (computing) The situation where two or more inputs to a hash function produce identical output.
HASH COLLISIONS, noun. Plural of hash collision
HASH FUNCTION, noun. (computing) an algorithm that generates a numeric, or fixed-size character output from a variable-sized piece of text or other data; used in database table queries, cryptography and in error-checking
HASH HOUSE, noun. (US) (slang) A cheap restaurant
HASH MAP, noun. A hash table.
HASH MAPS, noun. Plural of hash map
HASH MARK, noun. The pound sign (#).
HASH MARK, noun. (American football) An inbounds line.
HASH MARK, noun. (ice hockey) Parallel lines on either side of the face-off circles.
HASH MARK, noun. A service stripe, as on a enlistee’s uniform sleeve.
HASH OIL, noun. An oily and potent form of the drug cannabis
HASH OUT, verb. (idiomatic) To work through the details of something; especially to work through difficulties.
HASH SIGN, noun. The number sign ( #).
HASH SIGNS, noun. Plural of hash sign
HASH SLINGER, noun. (chiefly US) (idiomatic) A cook or food server in a cheap restaurant, especially one who is discourteous or inattentive to customers.
HASH SLINGERS, noun. Plural of hash slinger
HASH TABLE, noun. (programming) An associative array implemented as a vector, the indexes into which are the result of applying a hash function to the key.
HASH TRAIL, noun. A path used in hashing, whose direction is marked with certain symbols serving as clues.
HASH TREE, noun. (comptheory) A tree (data structure) in which every non-leaf node is labelled with the hash of the labels of its children.

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HASH, noun. Chopped meat mixed with potatoes and browned.
HASH, noun. Purified resinous extract of the hemp plant; used as a hallucinogen.
HASH, verb. Chop up; "hash the potatoes".

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