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DICTIONARY, noun. A reference work with a list of words from one or more languages, normally ordered alphabetically and explaining each word's meaning and sometimes containing information on its etymology, usage, translations, and other data.
DICTIONARY, noun. By extension, any work that has a list of material organized alphabetically; e.g. biographical dictionary, encyclopedic dictionary.
DICTIONARY, noun. (computing) An associative array, a data structure where each value is referenced by a particular key, analogous to words and definitions in a physical dictionary.
DICTIONARY, verb. (transitive) To look up in a dictionary.
DICTIONARY, verb. (transitive) To add to a dictionary.
DICTIONARY, verb. (intransitive) (rare) To compile a dictionary.
DICTIONARY, verb. (intransitive) To appear in a dictionary.
DICTIONARY ATTACK, noun. (Internet) An attack that uses a list of words (from a dictionary) to try and guess passwords or decryption keys
DICTIONARY ATTACKER, noun. (Internet) A person or bot that carries out a dictionary attack
DICTIONARY ATTACKERS, noun. Plural of dictionary attacker
DICTIONARY ATTACKS, noun. Plural of dictionary attack
DICTIONARY DEFINITION, noun. (semantics) A descriptive definition specifying one of the commonly used meanings of the defined term.
DICTIONARY FORM, noun. The basic form of a word used as a dictionary entry.

Dictionary definition

DICTIONARY, noun. A reference book containing an alphabetical list of words with information about them.

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