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PHONETIC, adjective. Relating to the sounds of spoken language.
PHONETIC, adjective. (linguistics) Relating to phones (as opposed to phonemes)
PHONETIC, noun. (linguistics) In such logographic writing systems as the Chinese writing system, the portion of a character (if any) that provides an indication of its pronunciation; contrasted with radical.
PHONETIC ALPHABET, noun. A writing system used for transcribing the sounds of human speech into writing.
PHONETIC ALPHABET, noun. A list of standard words used to identify letters.
PHONETIC SYMBOL, noun. (phonetics) A written symbol used systematically for denoting a phoneme or any other phonetic quality in utterance.
PHONETIC SYMBOLISM, noun. (linguistics) The branch of linguistics that holds that sounds themselves have meaning

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PHONETIC, adjective. Of or relating to speech sounds; "phonetic transcription".
PHONETIC, adjective. Of or relating to the scientific study of speech sounds; "phonetic analysis".

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