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MAYAN, adjective. Of, or relating to the Maya people of Central America.
MAYAN, noun. A Maya
MAYAN, noun. A Mayan language
MAYAN ARCH, noun. A form of corbel arch with small regular corbels.
MAYAN ARCHES, noun. Plural of Mayan arch
MAYAN LONG COUNT CALENDAR, noun. A non-repeating, vigesimal (base-20) and base-18 calendar used by the Maya and several other pre-Columbian Mesoamerican cultures
MAYAN PYRAMID, noun. One of a number of monumental structures built by the Mayan civilization in the shape of a pyramid with a rectangular base.
MAYAN PYRAMIDS, noun. Plural of Mayan pyramid

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MAYAN, noun. A member of an American Indian people of Yucatan and Belize and Guatemala who had a culture (which reached its peak between AD 300 and 900) characterized by outstanding architecture and pottery and astronomy; "Mayans had a system of writing and an accurate calendar".
MAYAN, noun. A family of American Indian languages spoken by Maya.

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