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VENUS, proper noun. A taxonomic genus within the family Veneridae   — the true venus clam.
VENUS, proper noun. (Roman god) The goddess of love, beauty, and natural productivity; the Roman counterpart of Aphrodite.
VENUS, proper noun. The second planet in our solar system, named for the goddess; represented in astronomy and astrology by ♀.
VENUS, proper noun. (obsolete) Sexual activity or intercourse; sex, lust, venery.
VENUS, proper noun. (poetry): Love; sex.
VENUS, noun. Any of the bivalve molluscs in the genus Venus or family Veneridae.
VENUS DE MILO, proper noun. An ancient Greek sculpture believed to depict Aphrodite (Venus to Romans).
VENUS FLY TRAP, noun. Alternative spelling of Venus flytrap
VENUS FLYTRAP, noun. An insectivorous plant of the savannas of North and South Carolina, Dionaea muscipula; the leaves are hinged and bordered with stiff hairs, and close when an insect alights on them.
VENUS MERCENARIA, proper noun. (archaic) A taxonomic species within the family Veneridae   — now Mercenaria mercenaria, the hard clam, an edible clam found along the Atlantic Coast of North America.
VENUS MOUND, noun. The female mons pubis.
VENUS ZONE, noun. A theoretical orbital zone around a star that will result in an Earth-like planet existing in an orbit in the zone having a runaway greenhouse effect, similar to that found on Venus in our Solar System. The inner edge of the zone is where solar radiation is intense enough to strip the atmosphere of a planet away. The outer edge is where solar radiation is insufficient to power a runaway greenhouse.
VENUS ZONES, noun. Plural of Venus zone

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VENUS, noun. The second nearest planet to the sun; it is peculiar in that its rotation is slow and retrograde (in the opposite sense of the Earth and all other planets except Uranus); it is visible from Earth as an early `morning star' or an `evening star'; "before it was known that they were the same object the evening star was called Venus and the morning star was called Lucifer".
VENUS, noun. Goddess of love; counterpart of Greek Aphrodite.
VENUS, noun. Type genus of the family Veneridae: genus of edible clams with thick oval shells.

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