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TROJAN, noun. (computing) Malware that appears to perform or actually performs a desired task for a user while performing a harmful task without the user's knowledge or consent.
TROJAN, adjective. (astronomy) Describing a satellite (moon or minor planet) that shares an orbit with another
TROJAN, noun. A native or inhabitant of the ancient city of Troy.
TROJAN, noun. A student (especially an athlete) of the University of Southern California.
TROJAN, noun. (astrophysics) A Trojan asteroid.
TROJAN, noun. (astrophysics) An object residing at a Trojan point.
TROJAN, noun. (computing) A Trojan horse.
TROJAN, noun. (in similes) One who shows great pluck, endurance, strength, etc.
TROJAN, adjective. Of, or relating to, the famed city of Troy or its inhabitants.
TROJAN, adjective. (astrophysics) Of, or relating to, a Trojan point.
TROJAN, adjective. (programming) Of, or relating to, a certain type of malware.
TROJAN ASTEROID, noun. (astrophysics) an asteroid occupying the Trojan points of the Sun-Jupiter system
TROJAN ASTEROID, noun. (astrophysics) by extension, any asteroid occupying a Trojan point
TROJAN ASTEROIDS, noun. Plural of Trojan asteroid
TROJAN HORSE, proper noun. The hollow wooden horse by which the Greeks allegedly gained access to Ilium/Troy during the Trojan War.
TROJAN HORSE, noun. (by extension) A subversive person or device placed within the ranks of the enemy.
TROJAN HORSE, noun. (computing) A malicious program that is disguised as legitimate software.
TROJAN HORSE, noun. (business) A seemingly favorable offer designed to trick customers into making exorbitant payments.
TROJAN HORSE, noun. (politics) A person, organization, social movement, piece of legislation, or ideology with a negative agenda or evil intentions under the guise of positive values or good intentions.
TROJAN HORSES, noun. Plural of Trojan horse
TROJAN MOON, noun. (astrophysics) a pseudo-moon that occupies a Trojan point of a system
TROJAN MOONS, noun. Plural of Trojan moon
TROJAN PLANET, noun. (astrophysics) a planet that occupies a Trojan point of a star system
TROJAN PLANETS, noun. Plural of Trojan planet
TROJAN POINT, noun. (astrophysics) the L4 and L5 Lagrange points of the Sun-Jupiter orbital configuration
TROJAN POINT, noun. (astrophysics) by extension, any L4 and L5 Lagrange points
TROJAN POINTS, noun. Plural of Trojan point
TROJAN WAR, proper noun. (classical mythology) Decade long war waged by Sparta, under king Agamemnon, against the Trojans, to avenge the abduction of Helen, wife of king Menelaus, by Paris, son of Trojan king Priam; ended in the destruction of Troy.

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TROJAN, noun. A native of ancient Troy.
TROJAN, noun. A program that appears desirable but actually contains something harmful; "the contents of a trojan can be a virus or a worm"; "when he downloaded the free game it turned out to be a trojan horse".
TROJAN, adjective. Of or relating to the ancient city of Troy or its inhabitants; "Trojan cities".

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