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TROY, proper noun. An ancient city in what is now northwestern Turkey.
TROY, proper noun. A city in Alabama.
TROY, proper noun. A city in Michigan.
TROY, proper noun. A city in New York.
TROY, proper noun. A surname​ derived from the city Troyes in France.
TROY, proper noun. A male given name, originally transferred from the surname, but today associated with the classical city.
TROY, adjective. Of, or relating to, troy weight.
TROY GRAIN, noun. A unit of mass, equal to 1/24 of a pennyweight or 1/480 of a troy ounce, fixed at 0.064 798 91 grams under the metric system
TROY GRAINS, noun. Plural of troy grain
TROY OUNCE, noun. A former unit of mass equal to 480 grains or 1/12th of a troy pound
TROY OUNCES, noun. Plural of troy ounce
TROY POUND, noun. A unit of weight, rarely used except in the trade of precious metals, equal to 5760 grains, 12 troy ounces, or 373.2417 grams.
TROY WEIGHT, noun. A system of units of weight / mass, mostly used for precious metals and gemstones, in which the pound contains 12 ounces which each contain 480 grains

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TROY, noun. A system of weights used for precious metals and gemstones; based on a 12-ounce pound and an ounce of 480 grains.
TROY, noun. An ancient city in Asia Minor that was the site of the Trojan War.

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