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WEIGHING, verb. Present participle of weigh
WEIGHING, noun. Action of the verb to weigh
WEIGHING, adjective. That weighs
WEIGHING, adjective. That burdens
WEIGHING BOAT, noun. (chemistry) An open container, often disposable, used for weighing samples
WEIGHING BOTTLE, noun. (chemistry) A thin-walled glass container, with a ground-glass stopper, used for weighing samples of chemical substances
WEIGHING DOWN, verb. Present participle of weigh down
WEIGHING FUNNEL, noun. (chemistry) An open container having a wide end into which samples may be placed for weighing and a funnel-shaped end for subsequent transfer
WEIGHING MACHINE, noun. A mechanical device, often coin-operated, for determining the weight of an object or person

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WEIGHING, noun. Careful consideration; "a little deliberation would have deterred them".

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