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CUBIC, adjective. (geometry) Used in the names of units of volume formed by multiplying a unit of length by itself twice.
CUBIC, adjective. (algebraic geometry) Of a class of polynomial of the form \( a.x^3 + b.x^2 + c.x + d \)
CUBIC, adjective. (crystallography) Having three equal axes and all angles 90°.
CUBIC, noun. (algebraic geometry) A cubic curve.
CUBIC CAPACITY, noun. A volume; especially the volume of a cylinder head when the piston is at its lower dead centre.
CUBIC CENTIMETER, noun. US spelling of cubic centimetre
CUBIC CENTIMETERS, noun. Plural of cubic centimeter
CUBIC CENTIMETRE, noun. A unit of volume equal to that of a cube having sides each one centimetre in length, commonly used in fluid measure and for engine sizes. Symbols: cm3 and cc
CUBIC CENTIMETRES, noun. Plural of cubic centimetre
CUBIC CURVE, noun. (mathematics) A plane curve having the equation \( y = a.x^3 + b.x^2 + c.x + d \).
CUBIC CURVES, noun. Plural of cubic curve
CUBIC EQUATION, noun. (mathematics) A polynomial equation whose greatest exponent is 3.
CUBIC FEET, noun. Plural of cubic foot
CUBIC FOOT, noun. A measure of volume or capacity equivalent to that of a cube having unit dimension of one foot; equals 28.32 litres.
CUBIC FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) Any function of a polynomial whose greatest exponent is 3.
CUBIC FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of cubic function
CUBIC INCH, noun. A unit of volume equal to that of a cube with each edge one inch long.
CUBIC INCHES, noun. Plural of cubic inch
CUBIC METER, noun. USA spelling of cubic metre
CUBIC METERS, noun. Plural of cubic meter
CUBIC METRE, noun. A unit of volume, symbol m3, equal to that of a cube having sides each one metre in length.
CUBIC METRES, noun. Plural of cubic metre
CUBIC YARD, noun. A unit of volumetric measurement equivalent to a cube one yard in each dimension.

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CUBIC, adjective. Having three dimensions.

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