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LINEAR, adjective. Having the form of a line; straight.
LINEAR, adjective. Of or relating to lines.
LINEAR, adjective. Made in a step-by-step, logical manner.
LINEAR, adjective. (botany) (of leaves) Long and narrow, with nearly parallel sides.
LINEAR, adjective. (mathematics) Of or relating to a class of polynomial of the form \( y = ax + b \).
LINEAR, adjective. (physics) A type of length measurement involving only one spatial dimension (as opposed to area or volume).
LINEAR, proper noun. (astronomy) A comet, cataloged as “C/1999 S4”, discovered on September 27, 1999, by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research program in New Mexico. (See [1]) Sometimes spelled LINEAR.
LINEAR, acronym. (astronomy) Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research program.
LINEAR A, proper noun. A syllabary used to write the as-yet-undeciphered Minoan language, and an apparent predecessor to other scripts, such as Linear B
LINEAR ALGEBRA, noun. (mathematics) The branch of mathematics that deals with vectors, vector spaces, linear transformations and systems of linear equations.
LINEAR ALGEBRA, noun. (linear algebra) An algebra over a field.
LINEAR ALGEBRAIC, adjective. Of, or relating to linear algebra
LINEAR B, proper noun. A syllabary used to write Mycenaean Greek in the second millennium BC, before the invention of the Greek alphabet
LINEAR COMBINATION, noun. (linear algebra) a sum, each of whose summands is an appropriate vector times an appropriate scalar (or ring element)
LINEAR COMBINATIONS, noun. Plural of linear combination
LINEAR DEPENDENCE, noun. (algebra) (uncountable) The state of being linearly dependent
LINEAR DEPENDENCE, noun. (mathematics) (countable) A linear relation between some appropriate things
LINEAR EQUATION, noun. (mathematics) A polynomial equation of the first degree (such as x = 2y - 7)
LINEAR EQUATIONS, noun. Plural of linear equation
LINEAR FOOT, noun. A unit of length equal to one foot long.
LINEAR FORM, noun. (linear algebra) linear functional
LINEAR FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) Any function whose graph is a straight line
LINEAR FUNCTION, noun. (mathematics) Any function whose value on the sum of two elements is the sum of the values of the function on the two elements and whose value on the product of a scalar times an element is the scalar times the value of the function on the element.
LINEAR FUNCTIONAL, noun. (mathematics) A linear mapping from a vector space to its field of scalars.
LINEAR FUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of linear function
LINEAR INDEPENDENCE, noun. (algebra) the state of being linearly independent
LINEAR METER, noun. (American spelling) A standard unit of length, symbol m, equal to one meter in length.
LINEAR METRE, noun. (British spelling) A standard unit of length, symbol m, equal to one metre in length.
LINEAR MOTOR, noun. An electric motor in which the equivalent of the stator and rotor are linear and parallel, normally one part is a vehicle and the other a track on which it moves
LINEAR OPERATOR, noun. (mathematics) (functional analysis) An operator L such that for functions f and g and scalar λ, L (f + g) = L f + L g and L λf = λ L f.
LINEAR OPERATORS, noun. Plural of linear operator
LINEAR PAIR, noun. (geometry) The two supplementary adjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines
LINEAR PAIRS, noun. Plural of linear pair
LINEAR PERSPECTIVE, noun. (arts) A form of geometric perspective in which parallel lines are represented as converging in order to give the illusion of depth and distance.
LINEAR PROGRAMMING, noun. (mathematics) the branch of mathematics concerned with the minimization or maximization of a linear function of several variables and inequalities; used in many branches of industry to minimize costs or maximize production
LINEAR SPACE, noun. Vector space
LINEAR SYSTEM, noun. A mathematical model of a system based on the use of a linear operator.
LINEAR TRANSFORMATION, noun. (linear algebra) A map between vector spaces which respects addition and multiplication.
LINEAR TRANSFORMATIONS, noun. Plural of linear transformation

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LINEAR, adjective. Designating or involving an equation whose terms are of the first degree.
LINEAR, adjective. Of or in or along or relating to a line; involving a single dimension; "a linear measurement".
LINEAR, adjective. Of a circuit or device having an output that is proportional to the input; "analogue device"; "linear amplifier".
LINEAR, adjective. (of a leaf shape) long and narrow.
LINEAR, adjective. Measured lengthwise; "cost of lumber per running foot".

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