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FRACTIONAL, adjective. Pertaining to a fraction.
FRACTIONAL, adjective. Divided; fragmentary; incomplete.
FRACTIONAL, adjective. Very small; minute.
FRACTIONAL, adjective. (chemistry) Relating to a process or product of fractional distillation.
FRACTIONAL, noun. (grammar) An expression of a fractional number.
FRACTIONAL, noun. Partial ownership of a property, such as real estate or a chartered airplane, such that each partial owner has use of the property for only a portion of the time.
FRACTIONAL, noun. (chemistry) Relating to a fraction in a material distillation or separation process.
FRACTIONAL CALCULUS, noun. (calculus) The study of fractional differentiation.
FRACTIONAL CRYSTALLIZATION, noun. (physics) (chemistry) the separation of two solutes from the same solution by using either a solvent or a crystallization temperature such that only one solute is supersaturated and crystallizes out
FRACTIONAL DISTILLATION, noun. A method of separating a mixture of liquids that have different boiling points
FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING, noun. (finance) (chiefly banking) A method of organizing a central bank.

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FRACTIONAL, adjective. Constituting or comprising a part or fraction of a possible whole or entirety; "a fractional share of the vote"; "a partial dose".

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