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FREEZING, adjective. (literally) Suffering or causing frost
FREEZING, adjective. (by extension) (chiefly hyperbole) Very cold
FREEZING, noun. (uncountable) (physics) (chemistry) The change in state of a substance from liquid to solid by cooling to a critically low temperature.
FREEZING, noun. (countable) (medicine) The action of numbing with anesthetics.
FREEZING, verb. Present participle of freeze
FREEZING COLD, adjective. (idiomatic) extremely and unpleasantly cold (of the weather, the temperature in a place, a person, or an object)
FREEZING COLD, noun. (idiomatic) extreme and unpleasant cold
FREEZING LEVEL, noun. (meteorology) The altitude at which the temperature of the atmosphere is 0°C at a specific location
FREEZING LEVELS, noun. Plural of freezing level
FREEZING OUT, verb. Present participle of freeze out
FREEZING POINT, noun. The temperature at which a liquid freezes, and the solid and liquid phases are in equilibrium; normally the same as the melting point
FREEZING POINTS, noun. Plural of freezing point
FREEZING RAIN, noun. Rain which freezes upon contact.
FREEZING WORKER, noun. (NZ) A person who works at a freezing works.
FREEZING WORKERS, noun. Plural of freezing worker
FREEZING WORKS, noun. (NZ) An industrial facility where animals are slaughtered and the carcases frozen for export.

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FREEZING, noun. The withdrawal of heat to change something from a liquid to a solid.

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