Associations to the word «Snowy»


SNOWY, adjective. Covered with snow.
SNOWY, adjective. Resembling snow.
SNOWY, adjective. When snow is falling.
SNOWY EGRET, noun. A small heron, Egretta thula, having white plumage.
SNOWY OWL, noun. A large, white, nomadic Arctic owl, Bubo scandiacus.
SNOWY OWLS, noun. Plural of snowy owl
SNOWY TREE-CRICKET, noun. Oecanthus fultoni, a cricket of a delicate greenish-white color, often injuring raspberry bushes by laying its eggs in the young shoots.

Dictionary definition

SNOWY, adjective. Marked by the presence of snow; "a white Christmas"; "the white hills of a northern winter".
SNOWY, adjective. Covered with snow; "snow-clad hills"; "snow-covered roads"; "a long snowy winter".
SNOWY, adjective. Of the white color of snow.

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