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BALD, adjective. Having no hair, fur or feathers.
BALD, adjective. Having no hair on the head.
BALD, adjective. Of tyres: whose surface is worn away.
BALD, adjective. Of a statement: empirically unsupported.
BALD, noun. (Appalachian) A mountain summit or crest that lacks forest growth despite a warm climate conducive to such, as is found in many places in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.
BALD, verb. (intransitive) To become bald.
BALD AS A COOT, adjective. (simile) totally bald; without any hair on one's head.
BALD CAP, noun. A wig-like cap simulating the appearance of a bald or partially bald head, worn primarily by actors and clowns.
BALD CYPRESS, noun. Taxodium distichum, deciduous conifer trees native to often-flooded areas of the southeastern and south central parts of the United States.
BALD EAGLE, noun. Haliaeetus leucocephalus, a species of eagle native to North America and notable for the white plumage on its head.
BALD EAGLES, noun. Plural of bald eagle
BALD EARN, noun. Alternative form of bald erne
BALD ERNE, noun. Bald eagle.
BALD PATCH, noun. An area of baldness on a partially bald head.
BALD PATCHES, noun. Plural of bald patch
BALD WIG, noun. A headpiece worn usually by stage and film actors so as to appear bald on top without the necessity of shaving their scalps.

Dictionary definition

BALD, verb. Grow bald; lose hair on one's head; "He is balding already".
BALD, adjective. With no effort to conceal; "a barefaced lie".
BALD, adjective. Lacking hair on all or most of the scalp; "a bald pate"; "a bald-headed gentleman".
BALD, adjective. Without the natural or usual covering; "a bald spot on the lawn"; "bare hills".

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