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WIG, noun. A head of real or synthetic hair worn on the head to disguise baldness; for cultural or religious reasons; for fashion; or by actors to help them better resemble the character they are portraying.
WIG, noun. (dated) (among fishermen) An old seal.
WIG, verb. To put on a wig; to provide with a wig (especially of an actor etc.).
WIG, verb. (colloquial) To upbraid, reprimand.
WIG, verb. (colloquial) To become very excitable or emotional; to lose control of one's emotions.
WIG, adjective. (aviation) (nautical) wing-in-ground
WIG BLOCK, noun. (fashion) A simplified head model used to display wigs.
WIG HEAD, noun. A stand for a wig, shaped roughly like a head.
WIG HEADS, noun. Plural of wig head
WIG OUT, verb. (slang) To become extremely emotional or excitable; to lose control of one's emotions.
WIG TREE FERN, noun. Cyathea baileyana, a tree fern native to northeastern Queensland in Australia.

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WIG, noun. Hairpiece covering the head and made of real or synthetic hair.
WIG, noun. British slang for a scolding.

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