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WARDROBE, noun. A cabinet in which clothes may be stored.
WARDROBE, noun. The department (or people working in that department) that obtains and stores articles of clothing for use in theatrical or motion picture productions.
WARDROBE, noun. A collection of clothing.
WARDROBE, noun. The clothing one owns or needs, often for a specific purpose such as work.
WARDROBE, verb. (intransitive) To provide (a film, a customer, etc.) with clothing.
WARDROBE MALFUNCTION, noun. (euphemistic) An accidental instance of indecent exposure caused by a fault in someone's clothing (especially that of a performer) or by an error made while changing this costume.
WARDROBE MALFUNCTIONS, noun. Plural of wardrobe malfunction
WARDROBE MISTRESS, noun. (performing arts) A woman in charge of the procurement, maintenance, and inventory of the costumes and other clothing worn by performers.

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WARDROBE, noun. A tall piece of furniture that provides storage space for clothes; has a door and rails or hooks for hanging clothes.
WARDROBE, noun. Collection of clothing belonging to one person.
WARDROBE, noun. Collection of costumes belonging to a theatrical company.

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