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JEWEL, noun. A precious or semi-precious stone; gem, gemstone.
JEWEL, noun. A valuable object used for personal ornamentation, especially one made of precious metals and stones; a piece of jewellery.
JEWEL, noun. (figuratively) Anything considered precious or valuable.
JEWEL, noun. A bearing for a pivot in a watch, formed of a crystal or precious stone.
JEWEL, noun. (slang) The clitoris.
JEWEL, verb. To bejewel; to decorate or bedeck with jewels or gems.
JEWEL, proper noun. A female given name from the noun jewel, used since the end of the 19th century.
JEWEL, proper noun. A male given name, a variant of Jewell, or from "jewel" like the female name.
JEWEL BEARING, noun. A bearing, used in watches, gyroscopes and other instruments, normally made of a synthetic corundum
JEWEL BEETLE, noun. Any of the very many beetles of the family Buprestidae, known for their glossy, irridescent colours.
JEWEL BEETLES, noun. Plural of jewel beetle
JEWEL BLOCK, noun. (nautical) A block at the extremity of a yard, through which the halyard of a studding sail is rove.
JEWEL BUG, noun. A shield-backed bug
JEWEL BUGS, noun. Plural of jewel bug
JEWEL CASE, noun. A lined box designed to hold jewels.
JEWEL CASE, noun. A hinged, clear plastic container designed to hold a CD.
JEWEL CASES, noun. Plural of jewel case

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JEWEL, noun. A precious or semiprecious stone incorporated into a piece of jewelry.
JEWEL, noun. A person who is as brilliant and precious as a piece of jewelry.
JEWEL, verb. Adorn or decorate with precious stones; "jeweled dresses".

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