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FEATHER, noun. A branching, hair-like structure that grows on the bodies of birds, used for flight, swimming, protection and display.
FEATHER, noun. Long hair on the lower legs of a dog or horse, especially a draft horse, notably the Clydesdale breed. Narrowly only the rear hair.
FEATHER, noun. One of the fins or wings on the shaft of an arrow.
FEATHER, noun. A longitudinal strip projecting from an object to strengthen it, or to enter a channel in another object and thereby prevent displacement sideways but permit motion lengthwise; a spline.
FEATHER, noun. Kind; nature; species (from the proverbial phrase "birds of a feather").
FEATHER, noun. One of the two shims of the three-piece stone-splitting tool known as plug and feather or plug and feathers; the feathers are placed in a borehole and then a wedge is driven between them, causing the stone to split.
FEATHER, noun. The angular adjustment of an oar or paddle-wheel float, with reference to a horizontal axis, as it leaves or enters the water.
FEATHER, verb. To cover or furnish with feathers.
FEATHER, verb. To arrange in the manner or appearance of feathers.
FEATHER, verb. (ambitransitive) (rowing) To rotate the oars while they are out of the water to reduce wind resistance.
FEATHER, verb. (aeronautics) To streamline the blades of an aircraft's propeller by rotating them perpendicular to the axis of the propeller when the engine is shut down so that the propeller doesn't windmill as the aircraft flies.
FEATHER, verb. (carpentry) (engineering) To finely shave or bevel an edge.
FEATHER, verb. (computer graphics) To intergrade or blend the pixels of an image with those of a background or neighboring image.
FEATHER, verb. To adorn, as with feathers; to fringe.
FEATHER, verb. To render light as a feather; to give wings to.
FEATHER, verb. To enrich; to exalt; to benefit.
FEATHER, verb. To tread, as a cock.
FEATHER ALUM, noun. Halotrichite
FEATHER BED, noun. Alternative form of featherbed
FEATHER BEDS, noun. Plural of feather bed
FEATHER BOA, noun. A decorative scarf made out of feathers.
FEATHER BOAS, noun. Plural of feather boa
FEATHER DUSTER, noun. An implement, traditionally consisting of a bundle of feathers (especially ostrich feathers) attached to a handle, used to remove surface dust.
FEATHER DUSTER WORM, noun. Any of the Sabellidae, a family of sedentary marine polychaete tube worms with the head mostly concealed by feathery branchiae.
FEATHER DUSTERS, noun. Plural of feather duster
FEATHER IN ONE'S CAP, noun. (idiomatic) An accomplishment; particularly one that is flaunted or boasted of.
FEATHER ONE'S NEST, verb. (idiomatic) To achieve benefits, especially financial ones, by taking advantage of the opportunities with which one is presented; to amass a comfortable amount of personal wealth.
FEATHER ONE'S OWN NEST, verb. Alternative form of feather one's nest
FEATHER ORE, noun. (mineral) A variety of jamesonite, sometimes found in capillary forms and like a cobweb, but also massive.
FEATHER PEN, noun. A quill.
FEATHER SHOT, noun. Copper granulated by pouring it into cold water
FEATHER SPRAY, noun. (nautical) The spray thrown up, like pairs of feathers, by the cutwater of a fast-moving vessel.
FEATHER WOOL, noun. A type of knitting yarn or cotton that is supposed to resemble wool.

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FEATHER, noun. The light horny waterproof structure forming the external covering of birds.
FEATHER, noun. Turning an oar parallel to the water between pulls.
FEATHER, verb. Join tongue and groove, in carpentry.
FEATHER, verb. Cover or fit with feathers.
FEATHER, verb. Turn the paddle; in canoeing.
FEATHER, verb. Turn the oar, while rowing.
FEATHER, verb. Grow feathers; "The young sparrows are fledging already".

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