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WHITE, adjective. Bright and colourless; reflecting equal quantities of all frequencies of visible light.
WHITE, adjective. Relating to people of European descent with light-coloured skin.
WHITE, adjective. (chiefly historical) Of the Caucasian race.
WHITE, adjective. (chiefly historical) Designated for use by Caucasians.
WHITE, adjective. Relatively light or pale in colour.
WHITE, adjective. Pale or pallid, as from fear, illness, etc.
WHITE, adjective. (of coffee or tea) Containing cream, milk, or creamer.
WHITE, adjective. (board games) (chess) The standard denomination of the playing pieces of a board game deemed to belong to the white set, no matter what the actual colour.
WHITE, adjective. Pertaining to an ecclesiastical order whose adherents dress in white habits; Cistercian.
WHITE, adjective. Honourable, fair; decent.
WHITE, adjective. (of a person or skin) Lacking coloration from ultraviolet light.
WHITE, adjective. Grey, as from old age; having silvery hair; hoary.
WHITE, adjective. (archaic) Characterized by freedom from that which disturbs, and the like; fortunate; happy; favourable.
WHITE, adjective. (obsolete) Regarded with especial favour; favourite; darling.
WHITE, adjective. (politics) Pertaining to constitutional or anti-revolutionary political parties or movements.
WHITE, noun. The color/colour of snow or milk; the colour of light containing equal amounts of all visible wavelengths.
WHITE, noun. A person of European descent with light-coloured skin.
WHITE, noun. The albumen of bird eggs (egg white).
WHITE, noun. (anatomy) The sclera, white of the eye.
WHITE, noun. Any butterfly of the Pieris genus.
WHITE, noun. (sports) (billiards) (snooker) (pool) The cue ball in cue games.
WHITE, noun. (countable and uncountable) White wine.
WHITE, noun. (slang) Street name for cocaine.
WHITE, noun. (archery) The central part of the butt, which was formerly painted white; the centre of a mark at which a missile is shot.
WHITE, noun. A white pigment.
WHITE, verb. To make white; to whiten; to bleach.
WHITE, proper noun. A common surname​.
WHITE, adjective. Alternative letter-case form of white (of or relating to Europeans or Caucasians)
WHITE ADIPOSE TISSUE, noun. One of the two types of adipose tissue present in mammals, providing heat insulation, mechanical cushion, and a source of energy, and comprising as much as 20% of the body weight in men and 25% of the body weight in women.
WHITE ADMIRAL, noun. A striking, white and black butterfly, Limenitis camilla, of the family Nymphalidae.
WHITE ADMIRALS, noun. Plural of white admiral
WHITE ALDER, noun. American winterberry, Ilex verticillata.
WHITE AMUR, noun. (US) A freshwater fish species of the family Cyprinidae, Ctenopharyngodon idella; the grass carp, native to Asia from Vietnam to the Amur River.
WHITE AMURS, noun. Plural of white amur
WHITE ANT, noun. (informal) A termite.
WHITE ANTS, noun. Plural of white ant
WHITE ARSENIC, noun. Arsenic trioxide
WHITE AS A SHEET, adjective. (simile) (said of a human's complexion) Very white or pale, as if suffering from shock.
WHITE AS DRIVEN SNOW, adjective. (simile) extremely white; totally white (of a color).
WHITE AS SNOW, adjective. Very white.
WHITE BASS, noun. Morone chrysops, a freshwater fish of the family Moronidae.
WHITE BEAR, noun. A white, semi-aquatic marine species of bear, Ursus maritimus, that is native and best adapted to the Arctic mix of land, ice and sea.
WHITE BEARS, noun. Plural of white bear
WHITE BEECH, noun. American beech; Fagus grandifolia
WHITE BEECHES, noun. Plural of white beech
WHITE BLOOD CELL, noun. (hematology) (cytology) (immunology) A type of blood cell that is involved with an immune response, or part of the immune system.
WHITE BLOOD CELLS, noun. Plural of white blood cell
WHITE BOY, noun. Alternative form of whiteboy
WHITE BOYS, noun. Plural of white boy
WHITE BREAD, noun. Bread made from white flour.
WHITE BREAD, noun. (US) (ethnic slur) (uncommon) A white person, a person of European descent, a Caucasian; a person who 'acts white'.
WHITE BREAD, adjective. (chiefly US) (colloquial) (pejorative) Bland, boring; flavorless; conventional, bourgeois.
WHITE BREAD, adjective. (US racial slur) Of or relating to white people, Caucasian.
WHITE BREADS, noun. Plural of white bread
WHITE BREAM, noun. A European species of fish in the Cyprinidae family, Abramis bjoerkna, formerly Blicca bioerkna.
WHITE BREAMS, noun. Plural of white bream
WHITE CABBAGE, noun. (countable) (uncountable) Brassica oleracea var. capitata f. alba, a cabbage plant with white leaves grown in northern and central Europe.
WHITE CABBAGE, noun. (usually uncountable) The head of the plant and food prepared from it.
WHITE CAMPION, noun. A flowering plant, Silene latifolia, in the family Caryophyllaceae, native to most of Europe, Western Asia and Northern Africa.
WHITE CAP, noun. A small wave that breaks offshore due to the wind
WHITE CASTLE, proper noun. The first fast-food hamburger chain and one of the oldest American fast-food restaurant chains, known for its Slyder, a small square burger.
WHITE CEDAR, noun. The Atlantic white cypress, Chamaecyparis thyoides.
WHITE CEDAR, noun. An evergreen coniferous tree of the Cupressaceae family, native to the northeastern US and southeastern Canada, Thuja occidentalis.
WHITE CEDAR, noun. The Mexican white cedar, Cupressus lusitanica
WHITE CEDAR, noun. The chinaberry, Melia azedarach.
WHITE CELL, noun. White blood cell
WHITE CELLS, noun. Plural of white cell
WHITE CHOCOLATE, noun. (uncountable) a food made from cocoa butter, milk, and sugar, having no cocoa solids
WHITE CHOCOLATE, noun. (countable) a piece of confectionery consisting of this
WHITE CHRISTMAS, noun. A Christmas Day on which there is a ground covering of snow.
WHITE CHRISTMAS, noun. (Australia) (food) A sweet food item made from dried fruits and nuts mixed with copha or white chocolate or similar sweet white binding and allowed to set in a tray to make slices.
WHITE CHRISTMASES, noun. Plural of white Christmas
WHITE CLOUD MOUNTAIN MINNOW, noun. A popular aquarium fish, Tanichthys albonubes.
WHITE CLOUD MOUNTAIN MINNOWS, noun. Plural of White Cloud Mountain minnow
WHITE CLOVER, noun. A species of clover, Trifolium repens, native to much of Europe, North Africa and parts of Asia and introduced elsewhere as a pasture crop.
WHITE COAL, noun. (dated) water that is being used to generate power
WHITE COAT, noun. A white, knee-length coat worn by laboratory workers etc as protection.
WHITE COAT EFFECT, noun. Alternative form of white coat hypertension
WHITE COAT HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, noun. Alternative form of white coat hypertension
WHITE COAT HYPERTENSION, noun. (medicine) (idiomatic) Elevated blood pressure measured by a medical practitioner and deemed to result from the patient's emotional response to the medical environment.
WHITE COATS, noun. Plural of white coat
WHITE COFFEE, noun. (uncountable) Coffee (the drink) with milk added.
WHITE COFFEE, noun. (countable) A serving of such.
WHITE COFFEES, noun. Plural of white coffee
WHITE COPPER, noun. An alloy, of copper with zinc and nickel, that has the appearance of silver
WHITE CROAKER, noun. A species of croaker found in the Eastern Pacific, Genyonemus lineatus
WHITE CROP, noun. (obsolete) (agriculture) A cereal crop; a crop which turns from green to white or yellow as it ripens
WHITE CURRANT, noun. Alternative spelling of whitecurrant
WHITE DAY, proper noun. 14 March (one month after Valentine's Day), marked in Japan and some other Asian countries by men giving gifts to the women who gave gifts to them on Valentine's Day.
WHITE DEVIL, noun. Derogatory or racist term for a human with skin of a fair complexion, i.e. a white man or Caucasian. Usage is normally ascribed to East Asian peoples.
WHITE DEVILS, noun. Plural of white devil
WHITE DOT SYNDROME, noun. Any of a class of inflammatory diseases characterized by the presence of white dots on the fundus, the interior surface of the eye.
WHITE DOT SYNDROMES, noun. Plural of white dot syndrome
WHITE DWARF, noun. (star) A dying star of low or medium mass, more solid and dense but less bright than the sun.
WHITE DWARFS, noun. Plural of white dwarf
WHITE ELEPHANT, noun. An albino elephant.
WHITE ELEPHANT, noun. (idiomatic) A possession that is unwanted or is a financial burden; an unprofitable investment.
WHITE ELEPHANT SALE, noun. A public sale of second-hand unwanted items.
WHITE ELEPHANTS, noun. Plural of white elephant
WHITE ENGLISH BULLDOG, noun. A medium to large breed of predominantly white dog with short, coarse coat, square, flat skull with powerful jaws and hind legs, originally bred as a protection and defense dog against the hostile frontier of early Spanish Florida. They are the closest descendents to the old spanish guard and war dogs brought to argentina and spanish florida by spanish settlers and inquisitors and they also have strong influence of the british alaunt.
WHITE ENGLISH BULLDOG, noun. (British) A type of farm utility dog.
WHITE ENGLISH BULLDOGS, noun. Plural of white English bulldog
WHITE FIR, noun. A North American species of fir tree (Abies concolor).
WHITE FIRS, noun. Plural of white fir
WHITE FLAG, noun. A flag with a white color, often used as a symbol of surrender.
WHITE FLAGS, noun. Plural of white flag
WHITE FLIGHT, noun. (US) The large-scale migration of white people from racially mixed urban regions to more racially homogeneous suburban or exurban regions.
WHITE FLOUR, noun. Refined flour made solely of the endosperm of the grain, i.e. without germ and bran, often chemically whitened.
WHITE FLOUR, noun. (US standard of identity) exact synonym of flour
WHITE FOX, noun. The arctic fox (Alopex lagopus).
WHITE FOXES, noun. Plural of white fox
WHITE FRIAR, noun. A mendicant monk of the Carmelite order.
WHITE GENTIAN, noun. Gentiana alba, a herbaceous flowering plant with yellowish-white flowers from thick white taproots.
WHITE GENTIANS, noun. Plural of white gentian
WHITE GLOVE TEST, noun. An examination of cleanliness, hygiene or other cleaning-related standards.
WHITE GOLD, noun. (obsolete) platinum
WHITE GOLD, noun. A precious metal alloy consisting of gold and a platinum group metal such as platinum or palladium or other white metal such as nickel.
WHITE GOLD, noun. (slang) Cocaine.
WHITE GOODS, noun. Domestic textiles, such as tablecloths, bedding, towels, etc. that were traditionally white in color.
WHITE GOODS, noun. The large household appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washing machines and driers as a group.
WHITE GOODS, noun. (beverage industry) Colorless spirits, such as gin and vodka.
WHITE GOURD, noun. A vine of the genus Benincasa cultivated throughout Asia.
WHITE GOURD, noun. A green, fuzzy melon fruit taken from this vine that has sweet white flesh.
WHITE GUILT, noun. A term used by some to describe the vacuum of moral authority surrounding white Europeans on the issues of race, due to their history of race relations.
WHITE HART LANE, proper noun. (soccer) the home stadium of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club
WHITE HART LANE, proper noun. (soccer) (by extension) Tottenham Hotspur Football Club itself
WHITE HAT, noun. (idiomatic) A good person, hero
WHITE HAT, noun. (computing) (slang) A well-meaning hacker who hacks for a good cause or to aid a company, organization, or government without causing harm.
WHITE HATS, noun. Plural of white hat
WHITE HEAT, noun. State or temperature at which matter emits white light
WHITE HEAT, noun. State of intensive activity
WHITE HMONG, proper noun. A Hmongic lect spoken in Laos and elsewhere, including among Hmong American communities, and written using the Latin or Pahawh Hmong scripts.
WHITE HOG, noun. (UK) (historical) (obsolete slang) The English shilling of 12 pence, as opposed to the Irish 'black hog' shilling of 13 pence
WHITE HOGS, noun. Plural of white hog
WHITE HOLE, noun. (idiomatic) A theoretically possible but physically highly unlikely singularity from which matter and energy are able to escape; the antithesis of a black hole.
WHITE HOLES, noun. Plural of white hole
WHITE HORSE, noun. Any of several horse-shaped chalk figures in England, such as the Uffington White Horse
WHITE HORSE, noun. A wave that is blown by the wind such that its crest is broken up and appears white and foamy; a whitecap
WHITE HORSE, noun. (informal) heroin, cocaine
WHITE HORSE, noun. A large mass of tough sinewy substance in the head of sperm whales, just above the upper jaw and extending in streaks into the junk above it. It resembles blubber, but contains no oil.
WHITE HORSES, noun. Plural of white horse
WHITE HOT, adjective. Alternative form of white-hot
WHITE HOUSE, proper noun. The official home and workplace of the President of the United States of America.
WHITE HOUSE, proper noun. (idiomatic) The US presidency and its administration.
WHITE HUN, noun. A Hephthalite.
WHITE HUNS, noun. Plural of White Hun
WHITE INFORMATION, noun. (finance) data showing that somebody is creditworthy
WHITE IRON, noun. A kind of cast iron that contains carbon as cementite, unlike gray iron, which contains carbon as graphite.
WHITE IRONS, noun. Plural of white iron
WHITE ISLAND, proper noun. An island of Svalbard.
WHITE KNIGHT, noun. (business) An individual or corporation that intends to acquire another company in order to avert a hostile takeover.
WHITE KNIGHT, noun. (fiction) a hero, savior, or righteous individual
WHITE KNIGHTS, noun. Plural of white knight
WHITE KNUCKLE, adjective. Alternative spelling of white-knuckle
WHITE KNUCKLE RIDE, noun. Alternative spelling of white-knuckle ride
WHITE LABEL, adjective. (marketing) A rebranded product – a generically manufactured product, branded with the marketer's or retailer's trade dress.
WHITE LABEL, adjective. (computing) An unbranded product – a brand name product which has had a white label applied to remove branding so that it can be resold for cheaper without undercutting the value of the brand.
WHITE LABEL, adjective. (music) A vinyl record with a white label or white background (rather than artwork), typically used for test records or promotion.
WHITE LADY, noun. (slang) Cocaine.
WHITE LATTEN, noun. A mixture of brass and tin.
WHITE LEAD, noun. A basic lead carbonate once used in paint
WHITE LEAD, noun. A white pigment, formerly widely used.
WHITE LEG, noun. Phlegmasia alba dolens
WHITE LEGEND, proper noun. A pro-Hispanic "legend" attempting to counterbalance the anti-Hispanic Black Legend (Spanish Leyenda Negra).
WHITE LIE, noun. (idiomatic) A deliberate, untrue statement which is intended to produce a favorable result.
WHITE LIES, noun. Plural of white lie
WHITE LIGHT, noun. (uncountable) Light, having a mixture of frequencies, being perceived as having no specific colour; such as sunlight.
WHITE LIGHT, noun. (countable) A white-coloured light or lamp
WHITE LIGHTNING, noun. Illegally distilled whiskey, so named because it is frequently of higher proof than legal whiskey and/or may contain impurities imparting an unrefined taste.
WHITE LIST, noun. Alternative form of whitelist
WHITE LIVERED, adjective. Alternative form of white-livered
WHITE MAGGOT, noun. (Australian rules football) (slang) (derogatory) A field umpire.
WHITE MAGGOTS, noun. Plural of white maggot
WHITE MAGIC, noun. (idiomatic) Magic derived from good or benign forces, as distinct from evil or malevolent forces; or magic performed with the intention of doing good or giving aid.
WHITE MAGICK, noun. (Wicca) Any magick used for good purposes
WHITE MAN, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see white,‎ man.
WHITE MAN, noun. A Caucasian man; a European.
WHITE MAN, noun. White people collectively; White culture.
WHITE MAN'S BURDEN, noun. The supposed responsibility of European people to govern and care for their colonial subjects
WHITE MAN'S GRAVE, noun. (archaic) Africa, or more specifically, western Africa or Sierra Leone. By extension, any other land subject to Western colonialism or missionizing that is comparably deadly.
WHITE MANGROVE, noun. A tropical tree native to coastal mangrove habitats on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Laguncularia racemosa.
WHITE MANGROVES, noun. Plural of white mangrove
WHITE MARLIN, noun. A species of marlin, Tetrapturus albidus
WHITE MARRIAGE, noun. (idiomatic) An unconsummated marriage.
WHITE MARRIAGES, noun. Plural of white marriage
WHITE MATTER, noun. (neuroanatomy) A region of the central nervous system containing myelinated nerve fibres and no dendrites
WHITE MEAT, noun. The breast portion of poultry.
WHITE MEAT, noun. Meats whose color, either before or after cooking, is considered white as opposed to red, including poultry, seafood, and in some uses, even pork.
WHITE MEATS, noun. Plural of white meat
WHITE MEN, noun. Plural of white man
WHITE METAL, noun. Any tin- or lead-based alloy
WHITE METAL, noun. (UK) (auctions) Silver that cannot be labeled as silver in the UK.
WHITE METAL, noun. Any silvery or whitish metal or alloy
WHITE METAL, noun. (music) Christian-themed heavy metal
WHITE MIAO, proper noun. The White Hmong language.
WHITE MULBERRY, noun. Morus alba, a short-lived mulberry tree, native to northern China, used in traditional Chinese medicine.
WHITE MUSCLE DISEASE, noun. Nutritional muscular dystrophy
WHITE MUSTARD, noun. Sinapis alba, an annual mustard of the family Brassicaceae.
WHITE NEBULA, noun. (astronomy) (obsolete) a nebula that appears white in colouration through a high-powered telescope (nebulae often appear to have some hint of colour through a powerful telescope, but white when not using a powerful instrument); these nebulae were generally to be determined to be galaxies in the 20th century
WHITE NIGHT, noun. (astronomy) A night with only civil twilight, where the sun does not go further than 6° below the horizon.
WHITE NILE, proper noun. One of the two main tributaries of the River Nile, which starts in Lake No and flows into the Nile at Khartoum.
WHITE NILE, proper noun. A state in Sudan
WHITE NOISE, noun. (physics) A random signal (or process) with a flat power spectral density; a signal with a power spectral density that has equal power in any band, at any centre frequency, having a given bandwidth.
WHITE NOISE, noun. (nontechnically) Any nondescript noise used for background or to mask or drown out other noise.
WHITE NOSE SYNDROME, noun. A malady associated with the deaths of bats in North America, identifiable by a distinctive ring of fungal growth around the muzzles and on the wings.
WHITE NOTE, noun. (music) Any of the notes (the naturals) produced by the white keys on a piano or similar keyed instrument.
WHITE OAK, noun. (usually countable) An oak tree with rounded leaf lobes and relatively pale wood, native to eastern North America, Quercus alba.
WHITE OAK, noun. (usually countable) A similar oak tree in a subgenus, Quercus subg. Quercus, especially section Quercus.
WHITE OAK, noun. (usually countable) Lagunaria patersonia, the Queensland white oak.
WHITE OAK, noun. (usually uncountable) The wood of such trees.
WHITE OAKUM, noun. Oakum made from untarred rope
WHITE ON RICE, adjective. (slang) (idiomatic) a descriptive analogy of closeness. See like white on rice.
WHITE OUT, verb. (transitive) To hide an error or other material on a surface by covering it with correcting fluid.
WHITE OWL, noun. (UK) the barn owl, Tyto alba.
WHITE OWLS, noun. Plural of white owl
WHITE PAGES, noun. The phone directory, (or section of a larger directory), that lists residential numbers.
WHITE PAPER, noun. (management) (marketing) A factual write-up of something, specifically devoid of the appearance of marketing.
WHITE PAPER, noun. (British) (Ireland) (European Union) (politics) A parliamentary document announcing government policy.
WHITE PAPER, noun. (European Union) A document published by the European Commission that contains proposals for European Union action in a specific area.
WHITE PAPERS, noun. Plural of white paper
WHITE PEPPER, noun. A spice consisting of the light-colored seed of the black pepper fruit without the dark-colored pulp and skin. Used as a spice in light colored foods such as cream sauces.
WHITE PETROLATUM, noun. Petroleum jelly
WHITE PHOSPHORUS, noun. (chemistry) The most common allotrope of phosphorus; a yellow-white waxy solid that is insoluble in water and spontaneously combusts on exposure to air to form clouds of phosphorus pentoxide; used as a military smokescreen and as an incendiary weapon.
WHITE PINE, noun. Pinus strobus
WHITE PLAGUE, noun. Tuberculosis, especially of the lungs
WHITE POINTER, noun. Carcharodon carcharias, a species of shark.
WHITE POPLAR, noun. Populus alba, a poplar found in Central Europe.
WHITE POTATO, noun. (US) A potato, distinguished from a sweet potato.
WHITE POWER, noun. White supremacy
WHITE PRECIPITATE, noun. (chemistry) (obsolete) A heavy white amorphous powder (NH2.HgCl) obtained by adding ammonia to a solution of mercuric chloride or corrosive sublimate; amido-mercuric chloride.
WHITE PRECIPITATE, noun. (chemistry) (obsolete) A white crystalline substance obtained by adding a solution of corrosive sublimate to a solution of sal ammoniac.
WHITE PRIVILEGE, noun. In critical race theory, a way of conceptualizing racial inequalities that focuses as much on the advantages that white people accrue from society as on the disadvantages that non-white people experience.
WHITE PUDDING, noun. A meat dish, made from liver and oats cooked in a sausage skin.
WHITE PUDDINGS, noun. Plural of white pudding
WHITE RABBIT, interjection. A phrase said, before saying anything else, on the first day of the month in order to bring good luck
WHITE RABBITS, interjection. Alternative form of white rabbit (phrase said on the first of the month)
WHITE RADISH, noun. (botany) Alternative term for daikon
WHITE RADISHES, noun. Plural of white radish
WHITE RHINOCEROS, noun. An African species of rhinoceros, Ceratotherium simum.
WHITE RICE, noun. Rice which has had the brownish colored hull polished off leaving a white colored grain.
WHITE RIDER, noun. (idiomatic) another name for "Conquest/Pestilence", one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
WHITE ROE, noun. Milt
WHITE ROT, noun. A disease of grapes, first appearing in whitish pustules on the fruit, caused by the fungus Coniothyrium diplodiella.
WHITE RUSSIA, proper noun. (historical) Literal name of Belarus, a country in Eastern Europe.
WHITE RUSSIAN, noun. (history) a White Guardist, a Russian who supported the tsar in the 1917 Revolution and the Russian Civil War (1917–1923), and afterward. (Russian history)
WHITE RUSSIAN, noun. (obsolete) A Belarusian person.
WHITE RUSSIAN, noun. (obsolete) The Belarusian language.
WHITE RUSSIAN, noun. A cocktail consisting of coffee liqueur, vodka, and milk.
WHITE RUSSIAN, noun. A strain of marijuana containing very high THC levels - in excess of 22%.
WHITE RUSSIAN, adjective. Of or relating to Russians with tsarist sympathies in the period directly following the 1917 Revolution.
WHITE RUSSIAN, adjective. (obsolete) Of or relating to Belarus, literally "White Russia," or its language.
WHITE RUSSIANS, noun. Plural of White Russian
WHITE RUST, noun. A form of corrosion found on the surface of zinc
WHITE RUST, noun. A disease of some plants caused by the pathogen Albugo candida
WHITE SAPOTE, noun. A Mexican and Central American fruit tree, Casimiroa edulis
WHITE SAPOTES, noun. Plural of white sapote
WHITE SAPPHIRE, noun. A form of corundum having very few impurities; sometimes substituted for diamond
WHITE SAUCE, noun. A simple sauce made from flour, milk and butter; Béchamel sauce.
WHITE SAUCE, noun. Mayonnaise.
WHITE SAUCES, noun. Plural of white sauce
WHITE SEA, proper noun. A sea to the northwest of Russia.
WHITE SHARK, noun. The great white shark
WHITE SHEEP, noun. Used other than as an idiom: see white,‎ sheep.
WHITE SHEEP, noun. (idiomatic) a conformist; an unusual or conventional person
WHITE SHEEP, noun. (idiomatic) a disliked person; one who is disfavored
WHITE SLAVE, noun. A woman (of European descent) sold into prostitution, especially when transported to a foreign country.
WHITE SLAVER, noun. A trafficker in white slaves
WHITE SLAVERS, noun. Plural of white slaver
WHITE SLAVERY, noun. Sexual slavery, particularly the involuntary prostitution of women of European ancestry.
WHITE SLAVES, noun. Plural of white slave
WHITE SLAW, noun. Coleslaw made with mayonnaise.
WHITE SMOKE, noun. The announcement to the outside world that a conclave has chosen a new Pope.
WHITE SMOKER, noun. (geological oceanography) A kind of hydrothermal vent that emits lighter-hued minerals than those of a black smoker, such as those containing barium, calcium and silicon.
WHITE SMOKER, noun. Used in literal contexts: see white,‎ smoker.
WHITE SMOKERS, noun. Plural of white smoker
WHITE SNAKEROOT, noun. The plant Ageratina altissima, native to eastern North America.
WHITE SNAKEROOT, noun. The plant Ayapana triplinervis, native to the tropical Americas.
WHITE SOUL, noun. Rhythm and blues or soul music performed by white artists.
WHITE SOX, proper noun. (US) (baseball) The Chicago White Sox, an American baseball club.
WHITE SPACE, noun. White area between written characters and graphic regions on a produced page or computer display; blanks and the vertical blank lines in between paragraphs, or other organized rows of text lines (poetry).
WHITE SPACE, noun. (computer science) Any single character or series of characters that represents horizontal or vertical space in typography.
WHITE SPACES, noun. Plural of white space
WHITE SPIRIT, noun. A transparent liquid derived from paraffin, used as a solvent in painting and decorating.
WHITE SPOT, noun. (telecoms) a place without coverage
WHITE SPRUCE, noun. Picea glauca
WHITE STORK, noun. A large wading bird, Ciconia ciconia, that winters in Africa and breeds in Europe; in mythology, it delivers babies
WHITE STORKS, noun. Plural of white stork
WHITE SUGAR, noun. Refined sugar.
WHITE SUGAR, noun. Street name for cocaine.
WHITE SUGAR, noun. (slang) A white woman with whom one has sex.
WHITE SUNDAY, proper noun. (ecclesiastical) the Sunday following Easter
WHITE SUPREMACIST, noun. An advocate of white supremacy, a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races.
WHITE SUPREMACISTS, noun. Plural of white supremacist
WHITE SUPREMACY, noun. The ideology which holds that the white race is superior to all others.
WHITE TEA, noun. The leaves of a tea plant which have been processed in a manner to let them wilt slightly and lose their "grassy" taste of green tea while undergoing minimal oxidation.
WHITE TEA, noun. A drink brewed from these tea leaves.
WHITE TEA, noun. Tea served with milk.
WHITE TIE, noun. The most formal kind of eveningwear for men consisting of an evening tailcoat, trousers with strips of braid down the side seams, white stiff-fronted shirt, white bow tie and waistcoat with or without sash.
WHITE TIE, noun. A dress code specifying white tie for men and ball gown or evening dress for women, or, alternatively, full military dress or national costume.
WHITE TIES, noun. Plural of white tie
WHITE TIN, noun. Refined metallic tin.
WHITE TRASH, noun. (US) (idiomatic) (pejorative) (ethnic slur) A poorly-educated white person or, collectively, white people of low social status.
WHITE TRASHERY, noun. (idiomatic) The state or characteristic of being, resembling, or behaving in the manner of white trash.
WHITE TRASHY, adjective. Alternative form of white-trashy
WHITE TRILLIUM, noun. Trillium grandiflorum, native to much of eastern North America.
WHITE TRUFFLE, noun. A species of truffle, Tuber magnatum, most commonly from the Piedmont region of Italy, lighter in color than black truffles, similarly prized as culinary ingredients.
WHITE TRUFFLES, noun. Plural of white truffle
WHITE TURTLEHEAD, noun. Chelone glabra, native to wetlands and moist forests of eastern North America.
WHITE VAN MAN, noun. (British) (informal) A stereotypical tradesman or handyman who drives a white van.
WHITE VAN MEN, noun. Plural of white van man
WHITE VINEGAR, noun. Vinegar that has been distilled to remove it of coloured impurities.
WHITE VINEGARS, noun. Plural of white vinegar
WHITE VITRIOL, noun. (obsolete) (inorganic chemistry) zinc sulfate
WHITE WAGTAIL, noun. A small passerine bird in the wagtail family Motacillidae, Motacilla alba.
WHITE WAGTAILS, noun. Plural of white wagtail
WHITE WATER, noun. Any turbulent or frothy water as found in river rapids or surf.
WHITE WATER, noun. (figuratively) Turbulent conditions.
WHITE WATER LILY, noun. Nymphaea alba, of Europe and North Africa
WHITE WATER LILY, noun. Nymphaea lotus, of East Africa and Southeast Asia
WHITE WATER LILY, noun. Nymphaea pubescens, of South Asia and Southeast Asia
WHITE WATER LILY, noun. Nymphaea nouchali, of South and Southeast Asia and Northern Australia; the national flower of Bangladesh.
WHITE WATER RAFTING, noun. Alternative form of whitewater rafting
WHITE WEDDING, noun. (idiomatic) A wedding in which the bride is still a virgin.
WHITE WEDDING, noun. A wedding routine which generally includes a wedding ceremony, where the marriage is initiated, followed by a reception where the marriage is celebrated.
WHITE WEDDING, noun. A wedding where the ceremony is inside a church
WHITE WEDDINGS, noun. Plural of white wedding
WHITE WEEK, noun. (marketing) A week that is in low demand because it is in a holiday low season. Especially used in time-share, but not limited to this industry.
WHITE WHALE, noun. A cetacean, Delphinapterus leucas, found in the Arctic Ocean.
WHITE WHALE, noun. (figuratively) An obsession; monomania.
WHITE WHALE, noun. (trading cards) A printing plate used to manufacture a particular sports card, that is then issued as a collectible itself.
WHITE WHALES, noun. Plural of white whale
WHITE WILLOW, noun. A species of willow native to Europe and western Asia, Salix alba.
WHITE WILLOWS, noun. Plural of white willow
WHITE WINE, noun. Light-coloured wine (usually yellow with a hint of green but not pink)
WHITE WINES, noun. Plural of white wine
WHITE WITCH, noun. A witch who practises white magic.
WHITE WITCHES, noun. Plural of white witch
WHITE ZONE, noun. (US) (California) An area of a street where the curb has been painted white, indicating that the spot is only to be used for the immediate loading or unloading of passengers, baggage or freight, or for short-term parking, and (in some places, such as airports) that the vehicle is not to be left unattended.

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WHITE, noun. A member of the Caucasoid race.
WHITE, noun. The quality or state of the achromatic color of greatest lightness (bearing the least resemblance to black).
WHITE, noun. United States jurist appointed chief justice of the United States Supreme Court in 1910 by President Taft; noted for his work on antitrust legislation (1845-1921).
WHITE, noun. Australian writer (1912-1990).
WHITE, noun. United States political journalist (1915-1986).
WHITE, noun. United States architect (1853-1906).
WHITE, noun. United States writer noted for his humorous essays (1899-1985).
WHITE, noun. United States educator who in 1865 (with Ezra Cornell) founded Cornell University and served as its first president (1832-1918).
WHITE, noun. A tributary of the Mississippi River that flows southeastward through northern Arkansas and southern Missouri.
WHITE, noun. The white part of an egg; the nutritive and protective gelatinous substance surrounding the yolk consisting mainly of albumin dissolved in water; "she separated the whites from the yolks of several eggs".
WHITE, noun. (board games) the lighter pieces.
WHITE, noun. (usually in the plural) trousers made of flannel or gabardine or tweed or white cloth.
WHITE, verb. Turn white; "This detergent will whiten your laundry".
WHITE, adjective. Being of the achromatic color of maximum lightness; having little or no hue owing to reflection of almost all incident light; "as white as fresh snow"; "a bride's white dress".
WHITE, adjective. Of or belonging to a racial group having light skin coloration; "voting patterns within the white population".
WHITE, adjective. Free from moral blemish or impurity; unsullied; "in shining white armor".
WHITE, adjective. Marked by the presence of snow; "a white Christmas"; "the white hills of a northern winter".
WHITE, adjective. Restricted to whites only; "under segregation there were even white restrooms and white drinking fountains"; "a lily-white movement which would expel Negroes from the organization".
WHITE, adjective. Glowing white with heat; "white flames"; "a white-hot center of the fire".
WHITE, adjective. Benevolent; without malicious intent; "that's white of you".
WHITE, adjective. (of a surface) not written or printed on; "blank pages"; "fill in the blank spaces"; "a clean page"; "wide white margins".
WHITE, adjective. (of coffee) having cream or milk added.
WHITE, adjective. (of hair) having lost its color; "the white hairs of old age".
WHITE, adjective. Anemic looking from illness or emotion; "a face turned ashen"; "the invalid's blanched cheeks"; "tried to speak with bloodless lips"; "a face livid with shock"; "lips...livid with the hue of death"- Mary W. Shelley; "lips white with terror"; "a face white with rage".
WHITE, adjective. Of summer nights in northern latitudes where the sun barely sets; "white nights".

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