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VIOLET, noun. A bluish-purple colour.
VIOLET, noun. Viola, a genus of fragrant plants with white, purple or yellow flowers.
VIOLET, noun. Any of several plants that look like the plants of the genus Viola but are taxonomically unrelated to them.
VIOLET, adjective. Having a bluish-purple colour.
VIOLET, proper noun. A female given name.
VIOLET NOISE, noun. A signal or process with a frequency spectrum such that the spectral energy density is proportional to the frequency squared.
VIOLET PHOSPHORUS, noun. Alternative name for black phosphorus
VIOLET RED, noun. A deep purplish pink colour, like that of some violets.
VIOLET RED, adjective. Of a deep purplish pink colour, like that of some violets.
VIOLET RED BILE AGAR, noun. A mixture of agar with peptone, yeast extract, bile salts and crystal violet; it is used for enumerating coliform bacteria in dairy products
VIOLET REDS, noun. Plural of violet red
VIOLET WAND, noun. A device used for the application of low-current, high-voltage electricity to the body using an Oudin coil, originally claimed to have medical benefits and more recently used in sadomasochistic sex play.

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VIOLET, noun. Any of numerous low-growing violas with small flowers.
VIOLET, noun. A variable color that lies beyond blue in the spectrum.
VIOLET, adjective. Of a color intermediate between red and blue.

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