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LILY, noun. Any of several flowers in the genus Lilium of the family Liliaceae, which includes a great many ornamental species.
LILY, noun. Any of several species of herbaceous flower which may or may not resemble the genus Lilium in some way, and which are not closely related to it or each other.
LILY, noun. (heraldiccharge) The flower used as a heraldic charge; also commonly used to describe the fleur-de-lis.
LILY, noun. The end of a compass needle that should point north, traditionally often ornamented with the figure of a lily or fleur-de-lis.
LILY, noun. (card games) (mostly plural) A royal spade in auction bridge.
LILY, adjective. (slang) (derogatory) White (as a racial epithet).
LILY, proper noun. A female given name. Popular around 1900 and currently returning to favor.
LILY IRON, noun. A kind of harpoon with a detachable head of peculiar shape, used in catching swordfish.
LILY OF THE INCAS, noun. Synonym of Peruvian lily.
LILY OF THE NILE, noun. Agapanthus praecox, a plant species in the family Alliaceae.
LILY OF THE NILE, noun. Zantedeschia aethiopica, a plant species in the family Araceae.
LILY OF THE VALLEY, noun. A flowering plant, Convallaria majalis, with richly fragrant pendant bells.
LILY OF THE VALLEY, noun. Alternative letter-case form of lily of the valley
LILY PAD, noun. The round leaf of a water lily, which floats on the surface of the water.
LILY PADS, noun. Plural of lily pad

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LILY, noun. Any liliaceous plant of the genus Lilium having showy pendulous flowers.

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