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POPPY, noun. Any plant of the species Papaver, with crumpled often red petals and a milky juice.
POPPY, noun. A bright red colour, tinted with orange, like that of the poppy flower.
POPPY, noun. (chiefly British) (Canada) A simple artificial poppy worn in the buttonhole to remember the fallen in the two World Wars, especially around Remembrance Sunday.
POPPY, adjective. Of a bright red color, tinted with orange, like that of the poppy flower.
POPPY, noun. An affectionate nickname given to a father or grandfather, or a male authority figure standing in a similar position.
POPPY, adjective. (music) In the style of pop music.
POPPY, adjective. Having a popping sound.
POPPY, proper noun. (mostly U.K.): A female given name, a flower name used since the end of the 19th century.
POPPY BEE, noun. A leaf-cutting bee (Anthocopa papaveris) which uses pieces cut from poppy petals for the lining of its cells.
POPPY DAY, proper noun. (chiefly British) Remembrance Day
POPPY HEAD, noun. Alternative form of poppyhead
POPPY HEADS, noun. Plural of poppy head
POPPY SEED, noun. Alternative spelling of poppyseed
POPPY SEED TEST, noun. A diagnostic test used before surgery to predict the location of a fistula. The patient is fed poppy seeds and his/her urine is examined to see whether the seeds are present.

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POPPY, noun. Annual or biennial or perennial herbs having showy flowers.

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