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REMEMBRANCE, noun. The act of remembering; a holding in mind, or bringing to mind; recollection.
REMEMBRANCE, noun. The state of being remembered, or held in mind; memory; recollection.
REMEMBRANCE, noun. Something remembered; a person or thing kept in memory.
REMEMBRANCE, noun. That which serves to keep in or bring to mind; a memorial; a token; a memento; a souvenir; a memorandum or note of something to be remembered.
REMEMBRANCE, noun. (obsolete) Something to be remembered; counsel; admonition; instruction.
REMEMBRANCE, noun. Power of remembering; reach of personal knowledge; period over which one's memory extends.
REMEMBRANCE DAY, proper noun. (chiefly British) The Sunday closest to November 11, observed in commemoration of the fallen in the two World Wars.
REMEMBRANCE DAY, proper noun. (Canada) November 11, a federal holiday observed in commemoration of the fallen in the two World Wars and the Korean War.
REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY, proper noun. (chiefly British) Remembrance Day

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REMEMBRANCE, noun. The ability to recall past occurrences.
REMEMBRANCE, noun. A recognition of meritorious service.

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