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BOT, noun. The larva of a bot fly, which infests the skin of various mammals, producing warbles, or the nasal passage of sheep, or the stomach of horses.
BOT, verb. (British) (slang) To bugger
BOT, verb. (Australia) (informal) To ask for and be given something with the direct intention of exploiting the thing’s usefulness, almost exclusively with cigarettes.
BOT, noun. (science fiction) (informal) A physical robot.
BOT, noun. (computing) A piece of software designed to complete a minor but repetitive task automatically or on command, especially when operating with the appearance of a (human) user profile or account.
BOT, noun. (video games) A computer-controlled character in a multiplayer video game, such as a first-person shooter.
BOT, verb. (video games) To use a bot, or automated program.
BOT FLIES, noun. Plural of bot fly
BOT FLY, noun. Alternative spelling of botfly
BOT HERD, noun. (Internet) A large collection of compromised systems exploited for malicious purposes.
BOT HERDS, noun. Plural of bot herd

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BOT, noun. Botfly larva; typically develops inside the body of a horse or sheep or human.

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