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RESCUE, verb. To save from any violence, danger or evil.
RESCUE, verb. To free or liberate from confinement or other physical restraint.
RESCUE, verb. To recover forcibly.
RESCUE, verb. To deliver by arms, notably from a siege.
RESCUE, verb. (figuratively) To remove or withdraw from a state of exposure to evil and sin.
RESCUE, verb. (figuratively) To achieve something positive under difficult conditions.
RESCUE, noun. An act or episode of rescuing, saving.
RESCUE, noun. A liberation, freeing.
RESCUE, noun. The forcible ending of a siege; liberation from similar military peril
RESCUE, noun. A special airliner flight to bring home passengers who are stranded
RESCUE, noun. A rescuee.
RESCUE, proper noun. A city in California (zip code 95672)
RESCUE DOG, noun. (chiefly British) A homeless, lost or abandoned dog which has been, or will be, re-homed by an animal rescue centre or charity.
RESCUE DOG, noun. A dog utilised in search and rescue operations; a search-and-rescue dog.
RESCUE DOGS, noun. Plural of rescue dog
RESCUE GRASS, noun. A tall grass (Ceratochloa unioloides) somewhat resembling chess, cultivated for hay and forage in the southern United States.
RESCUE MISSION, noun. (literally) A mission, operation to reach and rescue people in urgent need, as after a disaster
RESCUE MISSION, noun. A religious mission set up (usually in poor city quarters) to rescue human 'derelicts' from a wasted life of sin, the final aim being conversion
RESCUE MISSIONS, noun. Plural of rescue mission

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RESCUE, noun. Recovery or preservation from loss or danger; "work is the deliverance of mankind"; "a surgeon's job is the saving of lives".
RESCUE, verb. Free from harm or evil.
RESCUE, verb. Take forcibly from legal custody; "rescue prisoners".

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