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AMBUSH, noun. The act of concealing oneself and lying in wait to attack by surprise.
AMBUSH, noun. An attack launched from a concealed position.
AMBUSH, noun. The troops posted in a concealed place, for attacking by surprise; those who lie in wait.
AMBUSH, verb. (transitive) To station in ambush with a view to surprise an enemy.
AMBUSH, verb. (transitive) To attack by ambush; to waylay.
AMBUSH BUG, noun. Any insect in the subfamily Phymatinae of the family Reduviidae
AMBUSH BUGS, noun. Plural of ambush bug
AMBUSH JOURNALISM, noun. (journalism) The tactic used by a news reporter who intercepts an uncooperative person in an unexpected place, such as a sidewalk or parking lot, in order to put questions to that individual and elicit spur-of-the-moment responses.
AMBUSH MARKETING, noun. (business) A marketing strategy wherein advertisers associate themselves with, and therefore capitalize on, a particular event without paying any sponsorship fee.

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AMBUSH, noun. The act of concealing yourself and lying in wait to attack by surprise.
AMBUSH, verb. Wait in hiding to attack.
AMBUSH, verb. Hunt (quarry) by stalking and ambushing.

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