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ARMORED, adjective. Clad or equipped with arms or armor.
ARMORED, adjective. Covered with armor, as a ship or the face of a fortification; armor-plated.
ARMORED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of armor
ARMORED CAR, noun. Alternative spelling of armoured car
ARMORED COMBAT VEHICLE, noun. Alternative spelling of armoured combat vehicle
ARMORED FIGHTING VEHICLE, noun. Alternative spelling of armoured fighting vehicle
ARMORED PERSONNEL CARRIER, noun. An armored vehicle for carrying infantry soldiers in combat.
ARMORED PERSONNEL CARRIERS, noun. Plural of armored personnel carrier
ARMORED TRAIN, noun. Alternative form of armoured train
ARMORED TRUCK, noun. Alternative spelling of armoured truck

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ARMORED, adjective. Protected by armor (used of persons or things military).
ARMORED, adjective. Used of animals; provided with protective covering.
ARMORED, adjective. Equipped with the complete arms and armor of a warrior.

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