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ARMED, adjective. (sometimes in combination) Equipped, especially with a weapon.
ARMED, adjective. (of a weapon) Prepared for use; loaded.
ARMED, adjective. (obsolete) Furnished with whatever serves to add strength, force, or efficiency.
ARMED, verb. Simple past tense and past participle of arm
ARMED, adjective. (chiefly in combination) Having an arm or arms, often of a specified number or type.
ARMED, adjective. (heraldry) (of horns, teeth, beaks, etc.) Coloured in a different tincture from the beast or bird itself.
ARMED CONFLICT, noun. (international law) a contested incompatibility which concerns government, or territory, or both, where the use of armed force between two parties, of which at least one is the government of a state, is present.
ARMED FORCES, noun. The military forces of a nation, such as the army, navy, air force, marines and, sometimes, coastguard or border guard.
ARMED PROBE, noun. (military) A military reconnaissance mission performed with heavy combat units where hostile contact with the enemy is expected.
ARMED ROBBERIES, noun. Plural of armed robbery
ARMED ROBBERY, noun. (legal) An instance of robbery where the participants are armed, i.e. are carrying weapons.

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ARMED, adjective. (used of persons or the military) characterized by having or bearing arms; "armed robbery".
ARMED, adjective. Having arms or arms as specified; used especially in combination; "the many-armed goddess Shiva".
ARMED, adjective. (used of plants and animals) furnished with bristles and thorns.

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