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PISTOL, noun. A handgun, typically with a chamber integrated in the barrel, a semi-automatic action and a box magazine.
PISTOL, noun. The mechanical component of a fuse in a bomb or torpedo responsible for firing the detonator.
PISTOL, noun. A creative and unpredictable jokester, a constant source of entertainment and surprises.
PISTOL, noun. (Southern US) A small boy who is bright, alert and very active.
PISTOL, noun. (American football) A play formation in which the quarterback is a few feet behind the center when the ball is snapped, but closer than in a shotgun formation, with a running back a few feet behind him.
PISTOL, verb. (transitive) To shoot (at) a target with a pistol.
PISTOL GRIP, noun. The grip by which a pistol is held in the hand
PISTOL GRIP, noun. A similarly shaped grip on any of several firearms, swords and tools
PISTOL GRIPS, noun. Plural of pistol grip
PISTOL SHRIMP, noun. An alpheid shrimp which has asymmetrical claws, the larger of which can be used to produce a loud snapping sound.
PISTOL SHRIMPS, noun. Plural of pistol shrimp

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PISTOL, noun. A firearm that is held and fired with one hand.

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