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THRUST, noun. (fencing) An attack made by moving the sword parallel to its length and landing with the point.
THRUST, noun. A push, stab, or lunge forward (the act thereof.)
THRUST, noun. The force generated by propulsion, as in a jet engine.
THRUST, noun. (figuratively) The primary effort; the goal.
THRUST, verb. (intransitive) To make advance with force.
THRUST, verb. (transitive) To force something upon someone.
THRUST, verb. (transitive) To push out or extend rapidly or powerfully.
THRUST, verb. (transitive) To push or drive with force; to shove.
THRUST, verb. (intransitive) To enter by pushing; to squeeze in.
THRUST, verb. To stab; to pierce; usually with through.
THRUST FAULT, noun. (geology) A type of reverse fault in which the angle that the hanging wall makes with the horizontal is less than 45 degrees.
THRUST FAULTS, noun. Plural of thrust fault
THRUST LOAD, noun. (engineering) A force that is applied along a bearing's axis.
THRUST REVERSER, noun. (aviation) A feature of modern aircraft that diverts the exhaust of the aircraft engines forward to function as a brake.

Dictionary definition

THRUST, noun. The force used in pushing; "the push of the water on the walls of the tank"; "the thrust of the jet engines".
THRUST, noun. A strong blow with a knife or other sharp pointed instrument; "one strong stab to the heart killed him".
THRUST, noun. The act of applying force to propel something; "after reaching the desired velocity the drive is cut off".
THRUST, noun. Verbal criticism; "he enlivened his editorials with barbed thrusts at politicians".
THRUST, noun. A sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow); "he warned me with a jab with his finger"; "he made a thrusting motion with his fist".
THRUST, verb. Push forcefully; "He thrust his chin forward".
THRUST, verb. Press or force; "Stuff money into an envelope"; "She thrust the letter into his hand".
THRUST, verb. Make a thrusting forward movement.
THRUST, verb. Impose urgently, importunately, or inexorably; "She forced her diet fads on him".
THRUST, verb. Penetrate or cut through with a sharp instrument.
THRUST, verb. Force (molten rock) into pre-existing rock.
THRUST, verb. Push upward; "The front of the trains that had collided head-on thrust up into the air".
THRUST, verb. Place or put with great energy; "She threw the blanket around the child"; "thrust the money in the hands of the beggar".

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