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SHEATH, noun. A scabbard; a holster for a sword.
SHEATH, noun. Anything that has a similar shape to a scabbard for a sword that is for the purpose of holding an object that is longer than it is wide; a case.
SHEATH, noun. The insulating outer cover of an electrical cable.
SHEATH, noun. A tight-fitting dress.
SHEATH, noun. (British) A condom.
SHEATH, noun. The foreskin of certain animals, e.g. dogs and horses.
SHEATH, noun. The base of a leaf when sheathing or investing a stem or branch, as in grasses.
SHEATH, noun. One of the elytra of an insect.
SHEATH, verb. To put an object (especially a weapon, in particular, a sword) into its sheath.
SHEATH CAKE, noun. (Southern US) Alternative form of sheet cake
SHEATH DRESS, noun. A long close-fitting dress or skirt, often with a slit or pleat on one side. It is longer than a cocktail dress and falls around the knees or lower thighs.
SHEATH DRESSES, noun. Plural of sheath dress
SHEATH KNIFE, noun. A knife with a fixed blade that fits in a sheath to protect the knife and its owner.
SHEATH KNIVES, noun. Plural of sheath knife

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SHEATH, noun. A protective covering (as for a knife or sword).
SHEATH, noun. An enveloping structure or covering enclosing an animal or plant organ or part.
SHEATH, noun. A dress suitable for formal occasions.

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