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OPTIC, adjective. Of, or relating to the eye or to vision.
OPTIC, adjective. Of, or relating to optics or optical instruments.
OPTIC, noun. (now humorous) An eye.
OPTIC, noun. A lens or other part of an optical instrument that interacts with light.
OPTIC, noun. A measuring device with a small window, attached to an upside-down bottle, used to dispense alcoholic drinks in a bar.
OPTIC CHIASM, noun. (neuroanatomy) The part of the brain where the optic nerves partially cross.
OPTIC CUP, noun. The white, cup-like area in the center of the optic disc
OPTIC DISC, noun. (anatomy) The location where ganglion cell axons exit the eye to form the optic nerve.
OPTIC DISK, noun. Alternative spelling of optic disc
OPTIC NERVE, noun. (neuroanatomy) Either of a pair of nerves that carry visual information from the retina to the brain
OPTIC NERVES, noun. Plural of optic nerve
OPTIC NEURITIS, noun. The inflammation of the optic nerve that may cause a complete or partial loss of vision.

Dictionary definition

OPTIC, noun. The organ of sight.
OPTIC, adjective. Of or relating to or resembling the eye; "ocular muscles"; "an ocular organ"; "ocular diseases"; "the optic (or optical) axis of the eye"; "an ocular spot is a pigmented organ or part believed to be sensitive to light".
OPTIC, adjective. Relating to or using sight; "ocular inspection"; "an optical illusion"; "visual powers"; "visual navigation".

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