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FARADAY, proper noun. A surname​, Anglicized from Ó Fearadaigh.
FARADAY, proper noun. Michael Faraday, English chemist and physicist.
FARADAY, noun. (chemistry) (physics) The quantity of electricity required to deposit or liberate 1 gram equivalent weight of a substance during electrolysis; approximately - 96,487 coulombs.
FARADAY BAG, noun. A bag made of a material that blocks electromagnetic signals, used to contain devices such as cell phones in order to prevent outside signals from interfering with the contents of the device.
FARADAY BAGS, noun. Plural of Faraday bag
FARADAY CAGE, noun. Any conductive surrounding, idealized or practical, used to interrupt the transmission of electromagnetic energy or electrostatic discharge across it.
FARADAY CAGES, noun. Plural of Faraday cage
FARADAY DARK SPACE, noun. The dark space in a glow discharge that is between the negative glow and the positive column.
FARADAY DARK SPACES, noun. Plural of Faraday dark space
FARADAY ROTATION, noun. (physics) An interaction between a polarized electromagnetic pulse, such as a beam of light, and a magnetic field, in which the plane of polarization is rotated in proportion to the intensity of the component of the magnetic field in the direction of travel of the pulse.
FARADAY ROTATIONS, noun. Plural of Faraday rotation

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FARADAY, noun. The English physicist and chemist who discovered electromagnetic induction (1791-1867).

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