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ELECTRIC, adjective. Of, relating to, produced by, operated with, or utilising electricity; electrical.
ELECTRIC, adjective. Of or relating to an electronic version of a musical instrument that has an acoustic equivalent.
ELECTRIC, adjective. Being emotionally thrilling; electrifying.
ELECTRIC, adjective. Drawing electricity from an external source; not battery-operated; corded.
ELECTRIC, noun. (informal) Electricity.
ELECTRIC, noun. (rare) An electric car.
ELECTRIC, noun. (archaic) A substance or object which can be electrified; an insulator or non-conductor, like amber or glass.
ELECTRIC ARC, noun. A discharge of electricity across a gap that causes ionization of the air (or other gas) resulting in a bright, hot plasma
ELECTRIC BASS, noun. (musical instrument) An electric bass guitar having four strings and being larger than a normal electric guitar. It has a lower pitch and is often used as a back up beat for the lead guitar.
ELECTRIC BASSES, noun. Plural of electric bass
ELECTRIC BASSIST, noun. Someone who plays the electric bass guitar.
ELECTRIC BASSISTS, noun. Plural of electric bassist
ELECTRIC BATH, noun. An early (and dangerous) form of tanning bed.
ELECTRIC BLANKET, noun. A blanket with an integrated electrical heating device.
ELECTRIC BLANKETS, noun. Plural of electric blanket
ELECTRIC BLUE, noun. A bright, metallic blue colour.
ELECTRIC BLUES, noun. (music genre) Any genre of blues that uses the electric guitar.
ELECTRIC CANDLE, noun. Yablochkov candle
ELECTRIC CANDLES, noun. Plural of electric candle
ELECTRIC CAR, noun. A car that uses electric motors and motor controllers instead of an internal combustion engine.
ELECTRIC CARS, noun. Plural of electric car
ELECTRIC CATFISH, noun. Common name for the catfish (order Siluriformes) family Malapteruridae.
ELECTRIC CELLIST, noun. Someone who plays an electric cello.
ELECTRIC CELLISTS, noun. Plural of electric cellist
ELECTRIC CELLO, noun. (musical instrument) A cello modified to be played either electrically or acoustically, usually possessing five strings.
ELECTRIC CELLOS, noun. Plural of electric cello
ELECTRIC CHAIR, noun. A device used for performing execution by electrocution.
ELECTRIC CHAIR, noun. An electrically powered wheelchair
ELECTRIC CHAIRS, noun. Plural of electric chair
ELECTRIC CHARGE, noun. (physics) the static electric energy of a charged body
ELECTRIC CHARGE, noun. (physics) the quantity of unbalanced positive or negative ions in or on an object; measured in coulombs
ELECTRIC CHARGE, noun. (physics) a quantum number of some subatomic particles which determines their electromagnetic interactions; by convention the electron has an electric charge of -1, the proton +1 and quarks have fractional charge
ELECTRIC CHARGES, noun. Plural of electric charge
ELECTRIC CIRCUIT, noun. A path, or an interconnected group of paths (at least one of which is closed), capable of carrying an electric current.
ELECTRIC CIRCUITS, noun. Plural of electric circuit
ELECTRIC CURRENT, noun. (physics) A movement of electrons.
ELECTRIC CURRENT, noun. A flow of electricity through a conductor.
ELECTRIC CURRENTS, noun. Plural of electric current
ELECTRIC DIPOLE, noun. (physics) two electric charges of equal magnitude but opposite sign separated by a short distance
ELECTRIC DULCIMER, noun. (musical instrument) A dulcimer that uses electronic amplification to produce sufficient sound.
ELECTRIC DULCIMERS, noun. Plural of electric dulcimer
ELECTRIC EEL, noun. Electrophorus electricus, a species of fish resembling an eel (not related) that is capable of generating powerful electric shocks.
ELECTRIC EELS, noun. Plural of electric eel
ELECTRIC ENERGY, noun. (physics) The potential energy of an electric charge in an electric field, or of an electric current in a magnetic field.
ELECTRIC ENERGY, noun. Electrical energy
ELECTRIC EYE, noun. A sensor which measures the intensity of light, often used to start and stop electrical equipment (motorized doors, etc.).
ELECTRIC FENCE, noun. A fence containing metal wire through which an electric current is passed, as a deterrent which will shock people or animals trying to breach or climb the fence.
ELECTRIC FIELD, noun. (electricity) (physics) A region of space around a charged particle, or between two voltages; it exerts a force on charged objects in its vicinity.
ELECTRIC FIELDS, noun. Plural of electric field
ELECTRIC FIRE, noun. A fire, stove or heater powered by electricity.
ELECTRIC FLOWER CAR, noun. (in Taiwan) a type of road truck(lorry) or bus(motorcoach), on which performers perform on a elevated stage, with the body of the vehicle festooned with lights, in a funeral procession
ELECTRIC FLOWER CARS, noun. Plural of electric flower car
ELECTRIC GUITAR, noun. (musical instruments) A guitar which requires electronic amplification to produce sufficient sound.
ELECTRIC GUITARIST, noun. Someone who plays, or performs on, the electric guitar.
ELECTRIC GUITARISTS, noun. Plural of electric guitarist
ELECTRIC GUITARS, noun. Plural of electric guitar
ELECTRIC GUN, noun. An electroshock gun; a taser; a stun gun
ELECTRIC GUN, noun. A gun with electrically powered components, such as the reloader, or barrel rotator
ELECTRIC GUN, noun. A gun that uses electricity to vaporize water as the propulsive force on the ballistic projectile
ELECTRIC GUN, noun. A gun that uses electromagnetic, electric or magnetic force to propel a projectile
ELECTRIC GUN, noun. A railgun
ELECTRIC GUN, noun. A coilgun
ELECTRIC GUNS, noun. Plural of electric gun
ELECTRIC HARP, noun. (musical instrument) A type of harp with a solid body and electric pickups on each string, in order to amplify the instrument's sound.
ELECTRIC HARPIST, noun. Someone who plays an electric harp.
ELECTRIC HARPISTS, noun. Plural of electric harpist
ELECTRIC HARPS, noun. Plural of electric harp
ELECTRIC LIGHT BUG, noun. A North American aquatic true bug, Lethocerus americanus, which attracts attention when attracted to lights due to its large size.
ELECTRIC LIGHT BUGS, noun. Plural of electric light bug
ELECTRIC MOTOR, noun. A motor that converts electrical energy into kinetic energy.
ELECTRIC MOTORS, noun. Plural of electric motor
ELECTRIC MULTIPLE UNIT, noun. (rail transport) A multiple unit train powered by electricity, abbreviated EMU.
ELECTRIC ORGAN, noun. (anatomy) An effector organ found in some fish (especially electric eels and electric catfish), that can produce a voltage large enough to aid in predation.
ELECTRIC ORGAN, noun. (musical instruments) electronic organ.
ELECTRIC ORGANS, noun. Plural of electric organ
ELECTRIC PIANO, noun. (musical instruments) A type of lightweight piano with electronic pickups to amplify the sound. The strings, or string substitutes, are struck mechanically such that the action is similar to that of a normal piano.
ELECTRIC PIANOS, noun. Plural of electric piano
ELECTRIC POTENTIAL, noun. The potential energy per unit charge at a point in a static electric field; voltage
ELECTRIC RAY, noun. Any of the group of rays of the order Torpedodiniformes, which can produce an electric discharge.
ELECTRIC SAIL, noun. An electric field, in the form of a sail, used as a form of spacecraft propulsion
ELECTRIC SHOCK, noun. The physical reaction or shock caused by the flow of electricity through the body.
ELECTRIC SHOCKS, noun. Plural of electric shock
ELECTRIC SITAR, noun. (musical instrument) A type of electric guitar that mimics a sitar while being loud enough to be used in rock and pop music; it is characterized by an asymmetric body, the use of a large, flat bridge and sympathetic strings.
ELECTRIC SITARIST, noun. Someone who plays an electric sitar.
ELECTRIC SITARISTS, noun. Plural of electric sitarist
ELECTRIC SITARS, noun. Plural of electric sitar
ELECTRIC SOUP, noun. (slang) A beverage made by infusing milk with town gas, formerly made and consumed by tramps and alcoholics in Scotland.
ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH, noun. A toothbrush that uses electric power, usually supplied by a battery, to move the brush head rapidly
ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSHES, noun. Plural of electric toothbrush
ELECTRIC VEHICLE, noun. Vehicle that uses an electric motor as the means of propulsion
ELECTRIC VEHICLES, noun. Plural of electric vehicle
ELECTRIC VIOLIN, noun. (musical instruments) a violin equipped with an electronic output of its sound.
ELECTRIC VIOLINIST, noun. Someone who plays an electric violin.
ELECTRIC VIOLINISTS, noun. Plural of electric violinist
ELECTRIC WINDOW, noun. A side window of a motor car that is opened and closed using electric power.

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ELECTRIC, noun. A car that is powered by electricity.
ELECTRIC, adjective. Using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity; "electric current"; "electric wiring"; "electrical appliances"; "an electrical storm".
ELECTRIC, adjective. (of a situation) exceptionally tense; "an atmosphere electric with suspicion".
ELECTRIC, adjective. Affected by emotion as if by electricity; thrilling; "gave an electric reading of the play"; "the new leader had a galvanic effect on morale".

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