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BULB, noun. Any solid object rounded at one end and tapering on the other, possibly attached to a larger object at the tapered end.
BULB, noun. A light bulb.
BULB, noun. The bulb-shaped root portion of a plant such as a tulip, from which the rest of the plant may be regrown.
BULB, noun. (nautical) a bulbous protuberance at the forefoot of certain vessels to reduce turbulence.
BULB, verb. (intransitive) To take the shape of a bulb; to swell.

Dictionary definition

BULB, noun. A modified bud consisting of a thickened globular underground stem serving as a reproductive structure.
BULB, noun. Electric lamp consisting of a transparent or translucent glass housing containing a wire filament (usually tungsten) that emits light when heated by electricity.
BULB, noun. A rounded part of a cylindrical instrument (usually at one end); "the bulb of a syringe".
BULB, noun. Anything with a round shape resembling a teardrop.
BULB, noun. Lower or hindmost part of the brain; continuous with spinal cord; (`bulb' is an old term for medulla oblongata); "the medulla oblongata is the most vital part of the brain because it contains centers controlling breathing and heart functioning".
BULB, noun. A rounded dilation or expansion in a canal or vessel or organ.

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