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NEON, noun. (uncountable) The chemical element (symbol Ne) with an atomic number of 10.
NEON, noun. (countable) A form or sample of the element.
NEON, noun. (uncountable) neon signs, collectively.
NEON, noun. (countable) a neon tetra fish
NEON, adjective. (of a color) Extremely bright; fluorescent.
NEON FISH, noun. Neon tetra
NEON GLOW LAMP, noun. A small, low-wattage lamp used as an indicator or nightlight; typically consists of a pair of electrodes sealed in a bulb containing neon at low pressure
NEON LAMP, noun. A small gas discharge lamp containing neon gas, sometimes with other noble gases to add colour
NEON LIGHT, noun. A neon lamp.
NEON LIGHT, noun. The light from such a lamp.
NEON LIGHTING, noun. Lighting by neon lamps
NEON SIGN, noun. An illuminated sign constructed from fluorescent lights in the form of bent glass tubes; the different colours being obtained by adding different noble gases to the neon.
NEON SIGNS, noun. Plural of neon sign
NEON TETRA, noun. Hyphessobrycon innesi, a small, tropical American fish, popular as an aquarium fish.
NEON TETRAS, noun. Plural of neon tetra

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NEON, noun. A colorless odorless gaseous element that give a red glow in a vacuum tube; one of the six inert gasses; occurs in the air in small amounts.

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