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LANGLEY, proper noun. An English surname.
LANGLEY, proper noun. An unincorporated community in the census-designated place of McLean in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States.
LANGLEY, proper noun. A metronym for the Central Intelligence Agency, whose headquarters is located in Langley, Virginia.
LANGLEY, proper noun. A district municipality in southwestern British Columbia, Canada.
LANGLEY, proper noun. A town in England.
LANGLEY, proper noun. A lunar crater located close to the northwestern limb of the Moon.
LANGLEY, noun. A unit of heat transmission in the CGS system of units. It is equivalent to 41,840 J/m² in SI units. Symbol: Ly.

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LANGLEY, noun. Unit of solar radiation.
LANGLEY, noun. United States astronomer and aviation pioneer who invented the bolometer and contributed to the design of early aircraft (1834-1906).

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