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DORIS, proper noun. A taxonomic genus within the family Dorididae   — sea slugs, specifically, dorid nudibranchs.
DORIS, proper noun. (Greek mythology) The daughter of Oceanus, wife of Nereus and mother of fifty sea-nymphs or nereids.
DORIS, proper noun. (astronomy) Short for 48 Doris, a main belt asteroid.
DORIS, proper noun. A female given name, taken to regular use at the end of the 19th century.
DORIS, proper noun. (British) (slang) One's girl friend, wife or significant other.
DORIS, adjective. (Cockney rhyming slang) gay

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DORIS, noun. (Greek mythology) wife of Nereus and mother of the Nereids.
DORIS, noun. A small region of ancient Greece where the Doric dialect was spoken.

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