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SYNONYM, noun. (semantics) (sensu stricto) (with respect to a given word) A word whose meaning is the same as that of another word.
SYNONYM, noun. (semantics) (sensu lato) (with respect to a given word or phrase) A word or phrase with a meaning that is the same as, or very similar to, another word or phrase.
SYNONYM, noun. (zoology) (with respect to a name for a given taxon) Any of the formal names for the taxon, including the valid name (i.e. the senior synonym).
SYNONYM, noun. (botany) (with respect to a name for a given taxon) Any name for the taxon, usually a validly published, formally accepted one, but often also an unpublished name.
SYNONYM, noun. (databases) An alternative (often shorter) name defined for an object in a database.
SYNONYM RING, noun. (metadata) A group of data elements that are considered semantically equivalent for the purposes of information retrieval.

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SYNONYM, noun. Two words that can be interchanged in a context are said to be synonymous relative to that context.

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