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SUBJECTIVE, adjective. Pertaining to subjects as opposed to objects (A subject is one who perceives or is aware; an object is the thing perceived or the thing that the subject is aware of.)
SUBJECTIVE, adjective. Formed, as in opinions, based upon a person's feelings or intuition, not upon observation or reasoning; coming more from within the observer than from observations of the external environment.
SUBJECTIVE, adjective. Resulting from or pertaining to personal mindsets or experience, arising from perceptive mental conditions within the brain and not necessarily or directly from external stimuli.
SUBJECTIVE, adjective. Lacking in reality or substance.
SUBJECTIVE, adjective. As used by Carl Jung, the innate worldview orientation of the introverted personality types.
SUBJECTIVE, adjective. (philosophy) (psychology) Experienced by a person mentally and not directly verifiable by others.
SUBJECTIVE, adjective. ​(linguistics) (grammar) Describing conjugation of a verb that indicates only the subject (agent), not indicating the object (patient) of the action. (In linguistic descriptions of Tundra Nenets, among others.)
SUBJECTIVE CASE, noun. (grammar) The case used to indicate the subject – or agent – of a finite verb.
SUBJECTIVE TIME, noun. The perception of time being tied to experience: time flying by, time dragging slowly.
SUBJECTIVE TIME, noun. (advertising) A system by which intervals are measured by actions or emotions in a commercial for research purposes.

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SUBJECTIVE, adjective. Taking place within the mind and modified by individual bias; "a subjective judgment".
SUBJECTIVE, adjective. Of a mental act performed entirely within the mind; "a cognition is an immanent act of mind".

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