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BEHAVIORAL, adjective. (American spelling) Of or relating to behavior.
BEHAVIORAL CRISES, noun. Plural of behavioral crisis
BEHAVIORAL CRISIS, noun. An episode of mental disorder in a person that is considered unacceptable by the community, friends, family, or the person themself.
BEHAVIORAL FORCE, noun. Anything, such as peer pressure, that makes the people in a society behave according to certain norms
BEHAVIORAL OBJECTIVE, noun. A phrase used in behaviorist based instructional design processes to specify an expected outcome of an instructional unit. A well constructed behavioral objective consists of three parts: conditions, behavior, and criteria.
BEHAVIORAL PATTERN, noun. (software) (object-oriented) Synonym of behavioural pattern.
BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS, noun. Plural of behavioral pattern
BEHAVIORAL PSYCHOLOGY, noun. Alternative term for behaviorism

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BEHAVIORAL, adjective. Of or relating to behavior; "behavioral sciences".

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