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CONTINGENCY, noun. (uncountable) The quality of being contingent, of happening by chance; unpredictability. [1560s]
CONTINGENCY, noun. (countable) A possibility; something which may or may not happen. A chance occurrence, especially in finance, unexpected expenses. [1610s]
CONTINGENCY, noun. (countable) An amount of money which a party to a contract has to pay to the other party (usually the supplier of a major project to the client) if he or she does not fulfill the contract according to the specification.
CONTINGENCY, noun. (logic) (countable) A statement which is neither a tautology nor a contradiction.
CONTINGENCY PLAN, noun. An alternative plan to be put into operation if needed, especially in case of emergencies, or if a primary plan fails
CONTINGENCY PLANS, noun. Plural of contingency plan
CONTINGENCY TABLE, noun. (statistics) A table presenting the joint distribution of two categorical variables.
CONTINGENCY TABLE, noun. (statistics) An arrangement of data containing the joint distribution of two or more categorical variables, usually in a database, a series of tables, or a special visualization.
CONTINGENCY TABLES, noun. Plural of contingency table

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CONTINGENCY, noun. A possible event or occurrence or result.
CONTINGENCY, noun. The state of being contingent on something.

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