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SKINNER, noun. Someone who skins animals.
SKINNER, noun. One who deals in skins, pelts, or hides.
SKINNER, proper noun. A surname​.
SKINNER BOX, noun. (behavioral sciences) A box or cage in which a subject (usually an animal) may be isolated from outside influences and studied; used in operant conditioning experiments where the subject can operate a lever to obtain a reward or avoid a painful shock.

Dictionary definition

SKINNER, noun. United States actor (1858-1942).
SKINNER, noun. United States actress noted for her one-woman shows (1901-1979).
SKINNER, noun. United States psychologist and a leading proponent of behaviorism (1904-1990).
SKINNER, noun. A person who prepares or deals in animal skins.
SKINNER, noun. A worker who drives mules.

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