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TACT, noun. The sense of touch; feeling.
TACT, noun. (music) The stroke in beating time.
TACT, noun. Sensitive mental touch; special skill or faculty; nice perception or discernment; ready power of appreciating and doing what is required by circumstances.
TACT, noun. The ability to deal with embarrassing situations carefully and without doing or saying anything that will annoy or upset other people; careful consideration in dealing with others to avoid giving offense; the ability to say the right thing.
TACT, noun. (psychology) A verbal operant which is controlled by a nonverbal stimulus (such as an object, event, or property of an object) and is maintained by nonspecific social reinforcement (praise).
TACT, verb. (psychology) To use a tact (a kind of verbal operant; see noun sense).

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TACT, noun. Consideration in dealing with others and avoiding giving offense.

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