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CHARM, noun. An object, act or words believed to have magic power.
CHARM, noun. The ability to persuade, delight or arouse admiration; often constructed in the plural.
CHARM, noun. (physics) A quantum number of hadrons determined by the quantity of charm quarks & antiquarks.
CHARM, noun. A small trinket on a bracelet or chain, etc., traditionally supposed to confer luck upon the wearer.
CHARM, verb. ​To seduce, persuade or fascinate someone or something.
CHARM, verb. (transitive) To use a magical charm upon; to subdue, control, or summon by incantation or supernatural influence.
CHARM, verb. To protect with, or make invulnerable by, spells, charms, or supernatural influences.
CHARM, verb. (obsolete) (rare) To make music upon.
CHARM, verb. To subdue or overcome by some secret power, or by that which gives pleasure; to allay; to soothe.
CHARM, noun. The mixed sound of many voices, especially of birds or children.
CHARM, noun. A flock, group (especially of finches).
CHARM OFFENSIVE, noun. A campaign of deliberately using charm and flattery in order to achieve some goal, especially in a political or diplomatic field.
CHARM QUARK, noun. A quark having a fractional electric charge of +2/3 and a mass about 1150 to 1350 MeV. Symbol: c
CHARM QUARKS, noun. Plural of charm quark
CHARM SCHOOL, noun. (dated) A school where lessons in etiquette and social skills are taught, often in brief courses and to children.
CHARM THE BIRDS FROM THE TREES, verb. To behave in a very charming manner.
CHARM THE BIRDS OUT OF THE TREES, verb. Alternative form of charm the birds from the trees

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CHARM, noun. Attractiveness that interests or pleases or stimulates; "his smile was part of his appeal to her".
CHARM, noun. A verbal formula believed to have magical force; "he whispered a spell as he moved his hands"; "inscribed around its base is a charm in Balinese".
CHARM, noun. Something believed to bring good luck.
CHARM, noun. (physics) one of the six flavors of quark.
CHARM, verb. Attract; cause to be enamored; "She captured all the men's hearts".
CHARM, verb. Control by magic spells, as by practicing witchcraft.
CHARM, verb. Protect through supernatural powers or charms.
CHARM, verb. Induce into action by using one's charm; "She charmed him into giving her all his money".

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