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DELICACY, noun. The quality of being delicate.
DELICACY, noun. Something appealing, usually a pleasing food, especially a choice dish of a certain culture suggesting rarity and refinement -a Chinese delicacy
DELICACY, noun. Fineness or elegance of construction or appearance.
DELICACY, noun. Frailty of health or fitness.
DELICACY, noun. Refinement in taste or discrimination.
DELICACY, noun. Tact and propriety; the need for such tact.

Dictionary definition

DELICACY, noun. The quality of being beautiful and delicate in appearance; "the daintiness of her touch"; "the fineness of her features".
DELICACY, noun. Something considered choice to eat.
DELICACY, noun. Refined taste; tact.
DELICACY, noun. Smallness of stature.
DELICACY, noun. Lack of physical strength.
DELICACY, noun. Subtly skillful handling of a situation.
DELICACY, noun. Lightness in movement or manner.

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